Saturday 8 December 2012

Delves Adventure Three: The Lost Goblin

Last weekend a few of us were able to get together for the third installment of our Delves adventuring. Due to some last minute business complications a few of the players were unable to make it. But the show must go on. To circumvent the issue Jason and Mark played two characters each.

Jason brought Hrothgar the Wild Slayer.

Mark brought Elowen the Wizard.

The players picked up where they left off, returning the surviving townsfolk back to Ironridge. After the townsfolk were safely with their families Alyanna and Orin went looking for information on their missing goblin comrade.

After talking to the guardsman the players find out the Capt has been missing and has been acting strangely. They find the crazy ole kook Madame Zaga, who was babbling of the end of days and evil being in town. Shortly after Gareth, the old woodman the characters rescued in the first adventure finds them. He brings information that Gor-Don was taken to the Webbed forest. Wasting no time the heroes, accompanied with Gareth set out to find their goblin ally.

When the adventures arrived at the edge of the Webbed forest Gareth informed them that he was unable to track them any further. Orin  then surveyed the area and was able to pick up the trail, and followed it deeper into the woods.

The Heroes arrived at a clearing, where they saw giant spiders and what looked like Gor-Don cocooned in the center.  They could also see a cultist and the captain of the guard discussing something by a cavern entrance.

The party rushed into battle to meet the many legged creatures head on. But the cultist and the Captain quickly evaded into the cavern.

The spiders proved to be more of a challenge then expected for Orin. Alyanna advanced to aid the ranger. Gareth was having troubles of his own with the Brood Mother and was immobilized by her webbing.
 The battle raged on until Hrothgar was able to cut a giant spider in half. Momentum seemed to shift as the Wild Slayer stared down the Brood Mother. With the aid of Alyanna the two were able to defeat the wretched Brood Mother. Orin and Elowen made short work of the remaining creepy crawler.

The adventures released Gor-don from his cocoon but find the goblin was weak and wounded. Gareth offered to take Gor-Don back to Ironridge for assistance and the two leave the party to return to town. (Ken who plays Gor-Don, was one of the players unable to make it).

The others take chase after the Captain and the cultist into the cavern.

The heroes arrived underground to find a horde of skeletons and mercenaries advancing toward them. "You fools, you will never stop us!" The cultist hissed from the back of the cavern.

Seeing the enemies strength was in numbers, Orin loosed multiple arrows, dropping three of the mercenaries. Hrothgar charged the remaining mercs swinging his axe wildly, carving up a number of the them. The skeletal warriors marched on the wild slayer surrounding him.

As the adventures were locked in the heat of battle the Captain and the cultist used the magical gateway to make their escape. "You fools played right into our trap. Now Ironridge will fall!" The cultist screamed.

With the news of a trap, the Heroes push the intensity of the battle. Elowen called forth her magical prowess and struck the skeletal horde with her magical lightning. The effect rippled through the horde crumbling a number of then where they stood. Alyanna sang the song of the moon and banished those that remained.

The remaining mercenaries fled in any direction they could find and our Heroes hurried to the magical device. "Hmm, did they......Ahhh, inscriptions....Summa, Summma Lamma Tuiss" Elowen investigated the gateway and discovered its secrets.

The adventures gathered together while Elowen launched the magical gateway and teleported them to another destination.

The adventures were ported to the outskirts of Ironridge were the cultists were invading the town in full force. Innocent civilians were seen running in horror from the attack.

Hrothgar wasted no time to aid the town and charged the Earth Elemental. With one mighty blow the wild slayer crushed the elemental sending it back to the ground from which it came. The Captain and another cultist entered the fray with Hrothgar.

The cult leader Valek and his guardsman advanced the bridge bringing death the crazy Madame Zaga.

Alyanna and Elowen focused on the Captain taking him down and discovering him as an imposter. Hrothgar attempted to protect one of the townsfolk but the cultists arrow was deathly true.

Valek and his guardsman continued to the town keep were he bashed at the door with a crazed strength.

Hrothgar and Orin dashed to the bridge only to be intercepted a cultist and Valek's guardsman. A deadly accurate arrow proved more then the guardsman could handle.

Alyanna brought down her sword of light on the vile cultist ending its existence and continued to the injured civilians to offer magical healing. Orin ran to the keep to intercept Valek, but not before the cult leader was able to gain entry into the building. With a shout of battle rage Hrothgar smashed his axe over the head of the last cultist, cracking hit skull wide open.

The Wild Slayer and Ranger rushed to the keep but not in time. The ground shook and the sky grew dark with the clouds hazed in a redish glow.

A foul scream was heard from the top of the keep. "Mortals...the dark one lives, nothing can stop us."

The creature screamed again in a chaotic frenzy and took to the sky. Orin rose his bow and loosed an arrow at the dark winged being. The arrow hit only to bounce off the creatures hide. The creature continued on its path over the horizon.

Alyanna, Orin and the others aided the injured civilians. They discovered that an ancient artifact was buried under the keep and it must have been what Valek was after.

"Have you seen Gor-don or Gareth?" Alyanna asked the others......

I would have had this post up sooner but our family was celebrating the arrival of my niece Eve, who was born December 6 @ 10:17. 5lbs 6 ounces. I am one proud uncle!

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  1. Congrats! This is feeling very old-school. D&D pre-3rd edition, you know?

  2. You would be exactly correct. When the guys were over last weekend Mark said the exact same thing. When you pop open the book the inside drawing is just like something out of AD&D.

  3. Cool report, and maybe you've got a future gaming niece? ;)

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping I can wiggle a dice or two into her stocking :-)