Thursday 20 December 2012

Happy Holidays from The Basement

Before I get things started, I wanted to offer up my thoughts and prayers to those affected by the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. With two small children of my own I can't imagine the sorrow and grief those families must be experiencing.

With Christmas being right around the corner, the busyness of the season in in full swing. Parties, plays, parades, you name it, all kinds of wonderful events. Hence the reason for the tardiness between postings.

In our household Christmas is a season of spending time family and with your loved ones. Being believers in the "Big Guy upstairs" .....God :-) we also take time to celebrate Christ's birth. Leading up to the big day our girls are getting anxious for the arrival of Santa.

For those with small kids and may not have seen this yet but there is a website called Portable North Pole. At this site you can upload a few pictures of your child and enter a few details and it creates a personalized video of Santa talking to your child. When I showed this to the girls they were besides themselves! "Santa is talking to me!" Emma said at one point in disbelief.

It is with that in mind and the inspiration from a follow blogger Rab that I take you to an afternoon of gaming with my eldest daughter Emma.

Emma has always asked about my "little men" or "little toys" and has shown interest. One afternoon while her sister was napping and her Mother was running errands I introduced her to Daddy's gaming world. Here is how the afternoon went.

I sent up the board with a few houses and trees and then let Emma choose a few models to use. Much to my surprise she chose the half painted Legion of Everblight Abbott model and a doggie to act as our own dog Abby.

Now it was time to get started. I noticed quickly that she enjoyed rolling different types of dice so I decided to my own spin on the D20 system. It should be noted that no model was harmed in this game and their were no deaths to wolves, spiders or people. The object was to try and "tickle" the wolves and spiders to make them happy. She is only four after all :-) 

The first thing Emma wanted to do was head to the house to see what "Mommy" was making for supper. While on her way two sad wolves came into town. Emma felt bad for them and wanted to cheer them up.

But she was shy and called her "Dad" (Me) to help. Its quite amazing what you will find out about your child by spending sometime having fun with them :-)

Once she seen that the wolves were nice she decided help in the tickle fight.

After this supper was ready (in game), Emma finished her meal and then went back outside. When she was playing in the backyard two sad spiders showed up that needed to be cheered up and this time she wasn't shy at all.

She decided she wanted to help the spiders all by herself, with Abby. At the end of the day she had fun and I did as well. She enjoyed rolling the d20 to hit the target to be able to tickle it. Then she rolled D6 or D8 to see how happy they became. Suffice to say it was fun to see the game through the eyes of my four year old daughter.

This will probably be my last post until the new year. With family and friends gathering it will be far to busy, but who knows I maybe able to sneak a short post.

But until then Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Season Greetings and have a wonderful New Year.



  1. Cute, your a great dad there!

    But next time, show her kill, maim, crush your enemies, destroy! *kidding of course*

    Did you see the kickstarter that was done with the painted stand up toy soldiers made of wood, the guy made a slingshot with these soft balls to fire at them to knock them down. Designed for kids to paint and play with as an intro to wargaming..

    1. Thanks. I think my wife would have a few wise words for me if I were to head down the path of anything with crush or maim heehee.

      I haven't seen the kickstarter. Do you have a link? I'd be interested in checking it out.

  2. Genius! There's a few of us thinking of trying something similar with our kids and a modified version of SBH.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, I think I had a little fun as well ;-). Speaking of SBH, how is that rule set? I have never used or read it. Is it worth checking out?