Tranquility At Its Best

Another of my passions outside my family and gaming is fly fishing. Specifically Atlantic Salmon angling. This area will be devoted to updates on my angling adventures.

While waiting for the Atlantic Salmon season to start on June 1, I decided to try my hand at some winter fishing for Sea Run Brown Trout. I have to say its great throwing the fly again, even if it is quote cold. I wouldn't be a proper fisherman if I let the elements stop me. I have had some success for this season including this nice brown below.

The sport of fly fishing is quite relaxing,  tranquil and intoxicating. Being on the river early morning or late evening is a great way to wind down after a busy work season. Any salmon angler will tell you its the rush of the rise that keeps being people back. When you present your fly to the salmon and see it rise to the top of the water it is both exciting and beautiful. When your line tightens your heart starts pumping and spectacle of the "Leaping Silver" begins. 
 Fishing "The Rip". Located on the Exploits River, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

Living on the island of Newfoundland we have access to over 60 licensed Atlantic Salmon rivers. The image below will give you an idea where they are located on the Island.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Island of Newfoundland is located on the east coast of Canada. Newfoundland is apart of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

To help keep our salmon stocks healthy the Province has implemented regulations in the form of a tagging and license system. Which you are able to retain six salmon for the season. With those regulations you are only able to keep a salmon up to 63cm. This is to ensure the larger female salmon are left to spawn, as a large female will have more eggs then smaller salmon.
 Two retained salmon following the provincial regulations. Both were caught at the Pinware River, Labrador

A 67cm (around 8lbs) salmon being readied for release on the Exploits River.

Angling at a smaller river - Piper's Hole River

Feel free to check out these youtube videos of some of Atlantic Salmon I released.



  1. Glad to know that I'm not the only one with this passion. Family, Gaming, and Fly fishing are also my favorite hobbies. Though down here in Alabama, I'm usually fishing for Bass or Panfish. I miss when I lived in Alaska and the fishing up there, Alas, we are restricted to what we have available.

    Love the first picture, reminds me of my occasional trips to the Western states backpacking and fishing. In fact, I've just recently converted my brother to fly fishing and we have begun fishing together again (He gave up fishing when we left Alaska).


  2. Hey Skipper,

    Glad to hear their are other gamers out there with this passion! I bet you had some great fishing in Alaska, its on my bucket list.

    The first picture you mention was a river I practically grew up on. It runs parallel with the town and was only 5 minutes from my parents house.

    The only downfall for with Atlantic Salmon angling is the season is fairly short in our province, running from June 1 to Sept 7 in most places.

    But the thrill of the take gets me every time! Seeing the "Silver Bullet" rise out of the water for the fly is amazing. :-)