Friday 16 August 2013

A Mixed Bag.....

A bit of a quick hit......

First off, my copy of In Her Majesty's Name finally arrived. Quality is top notch with some beautiful illustrations.
With a quick thumb through the rules the games appears fast and fun! Jet and are planning to give the game a try next week. I'll have a follow up post with our thoughts from our initial findings.

Over the last week I was able to spend some time at painting table. I didn't complete as many projects as I would have liked but I did dabble in a number of them.

One of the items I was able to semi-compete were the fortified walls for the manor. These didn't take to long to paint, mostly a quick dry brush of black to white.

The doors were based with GW Scorched Brown to a dry brush of a mix with GW Bleached Bone. I plan on revisiting these walls and picking out some of the details to give them more character.

I also started in on my GW Garden of Morr kit. I obtained this kit in a trade on Bartertown and I am extremely glad I did. For the type of games we usually play these terrain pieces will get some heavy use.

The first item I started was the sketelal warrior statue. The statue itself was in two pieces and then joined to the base. With a quick bit of green stuff and some filing the item was complete.

To keep with the dark dreadful look, I did a dry brush of black to white. I will be revisiting the stature to pick out some of the details such as the skulls, dirt, vegetation, etc.

I completed the assembly of the mausoleums and painted their bases as well. But I will have a post in the future to cover the Garden and will reveal those pictures then.

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