Friday 2 August 2013

Riddle me this, riddle me that...

Where has the time gone! Back in April I was gearing up for our next adventure of Delves and the rest was a blur! It is crazy how time can pass so quickly.

The month of May was engulfed with a first time family visit to Orlando, specifically Disneyland.

This was then followed by the conclusion of a three year project at work and of course, the opening of the Atlantic Salmon season. This summer season has definitely been a busy one.

Now that the whirlwind has calmed down I am able to get back to the bench from time to time. Progress has been slow, but I am making progress none the less.

One of the items I have been able to complete was another baddie for our Delves game, scheduled for the fall.

Goal System Delves at its core wreaks of classic fantasy adventure. As I have said before the game is a wonderful throw back to everyone's AD&D days. With that being said what would a classic adventure be without a riddling Sphinx.

P.s. I promise the next post will not take as long as this one.

As always thanks for reading,



  1. Hope ya had a good time at Disney! While I live just about 2 hours from there in Tampa it is both a fun place, but expensive, crowded and (at this time of the year) hot (or wet if not both).

    1. It was a first for the family. The kids loved it of course. It wasn't to bad when we were down crowd and weather wise. The only trouble we had was being at Hollywood Studios for opening Star Wars weekend (apparently over 90 thousand people went thru that day). Way to many with a couple of small kids. But Disney was kind enough to refund our day and we returned early the next week. Its definitely expensive.