Monday, 24 September 2012

Buildings, Buildings, Buildings......

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon "Eric The Shed's" forum post on Lead Adventure pertaining to Log Cabins created by Pegasus Hobbies. Upon viewing them I knew they would be a perfect fit for my gaming table. For those who maybe visiting for the first time, the central idea for all my terrain is to give each piece a frosty, cold climate feel. This works great for me as most all my games/models follow a similar idea.

After reading and viewing pictures of the cabins I promptly found a online store with the products and ordered them. I decided to go with the Russian Farm Houses and Russian Log Houses kits. The scale is actually 1/72 but works quite well for 28mm settings. One week later I had them in my hands.

Its wasn't long after that I started the buildings. The buildings came in separate pieces and were quite easy to put together. They had very minimal mold lines and did not require much preparation for painting. (One thing of note, if you do purchase be sure to clean each piece with warm soapy water. Both of my sets seem to have some mold release on them which would stop your primer from adhering to the buildings.) After this was completed, I primed each building black and started painting them.

The log cabins were painted GW Scorched Brown and then dry brushed with GW Graveyard Earth followed by P3 Rucksack Tan and a slight dry brush highlight of P3 Hammerfall Khaki. I applied a slight white dry brush to each door to draw some attention to the area. The roof of the small log cabin was done with GW Charadon Granite and dry brush with three layers of a GW Bleached Bone mix, adding more Bleached Bone at each layer. The same was done for each the chimney in three of the cabins.

The roofs of the other cabins were done with P3 Bloodtracker Brown to a dry brush of P3 Gun Corps Brown, followed by P3 Rucksack Tan. A slight dry brush highlight of P3 Moldy Ochre was add very conservatively.

The paneling on this cabin was done with GW Charadon Granite follow by a dry brush with a mix of P3 Hammerfall Khaki. This was done for three layers with more Hammerfall Khaki being added after each layer.

One other thing I forgot to mention about the cabins was the price. For practically ten bucks a set they are a steal. With shipping to Canada the total was a mere $26.00, which for me was money well spent! I am looking forward to getting a few more of these for my terrain table. 

Before I bring this post to a close I wanted to show off my Knechte unit for my Teutonic Order for Impetus. In between painting the buildings I was able base the Knechte. For my first unit of 15mm Impetus I was quite pleased at the final product. Next I will be on to the Livonians.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Chaos in Carpathia: Brotherhood Vs. Were Wolves

A few weekends ago Jet (A.K.A. Jet) dropped over for a game of Chaos in Carpathia.This was the first time I was able to host the game due to terrain. Being busy as a bee preparing for Delves, the terrain I created for it was prefect for setting in the Carpathian Mountains.

We continued our campaign of Monsters Vs. Humans. The idea was created by Jet and adds a ongoing factor vs. the one-off game style. It makes each game worth a possible reward. In a nutshell the winner of the battle will receive one victory point for the win. During further games, at the beginning of each game both parties would total their ongoing campaign points and and compare them. The difference determines the advantage to the party with the most campaign points. (I.e. Human faction has 3 campaign points and Monster faction has 4 points. The Monster faction is winning by 1 point so they would get the 1 point advantage)

Jet created campaign cards to add to the above idea. In the game each player is given one campaign card at random that they can use to assist them in the game or could opt to hold onto the card. If you hold onto the card and win, it would garner you a extra campaign point. You can check out more on this idea here

We also use secret objective cards rather then having the six standard objectives. This way their is more strategy involved in each game. Getting to the physical objectives on the board is only a small part of the game. With the cards each faction draws three at random and they are kept hidden from your opponent. This adds a great element as you have to obtain your own goals and try to predict and stop your opponent from getting his. You can find more about these objectives here

With that explanation out of the way lets move onto the game. The table was prepared and the game was on. The first game was Jet's Werewolves Vs. my Brotherhood. The tower was the key location. The camp fire, and marked grave were two objectives on the Brotherhood side of the table. The ballista and small lone tree were objective on the Werewolf side of the table.

The person of interest was in a underground cavern. the person of interest. The person of interest was accessed by ending the secret passage from the waterfall of the well.
There was also two underground objectives that was in a centralized area. The rock formations on the table had two cave opening which lead down to the underground cavern to these objectives. The objectives counted as being on either side of the board as we called it a neutral area.(The alchemist table and altar in the center of the picture)

Now on to the game. The objective cards were drawn. I drew The Search, The Rescue and The Score. (card listings can be found here). My priest was chosen for the search and Howler was chosen for The Score. The Wolves were dealt The Hunt, The Duel and The Score. Jason choose Penance for The Score.  All objectives were kept hidden from the other player.

The campaign cards were then allocated. I was winning the campaign 8-4. This allowed me to choose 2 campaign cards and discard one. I was also able to pick the table side and force the wolfs to deploy first. I drew two cards and kept the "Feat: Strength." This allowed me to do one of the following options.

(a) Force a locked door or window without using a special action
(b) Gain a maximum result on the Sarcophagus search table
(c) Jump over an obstacle
(d) Force an opponent to re-roll a DR test
(e) Complete any other STRENGTH-based action that seems reasonable to you and your opponent

Jason drew the "Fog" which gave him this ability.

Play this card at the beginning of a new turn before initiative has been determined. Place a round template (5-inch diameter) anywhere on the table not touching a miniature. This represents a bank of fog spreading across the battlefield. A model may not be targeted by ranged or special attacks if the attacker's line of sight passes through the template. A spotting test must be made to charge an enemy on the other side of the template.

The beginning of the turn after the fog appears roll a D6. On a roll of 6 the fog dissipates. Add 1 to this roll each turn thereafter. If the fog doesn't dissipate, move the template D6 inches in a random direction.

With all the pre-game items out of the way it was on to deployment. Here we see the bulk of Jason's deployment behind the waterfall.

I deployed most of my faction in roughly the same area on my side. I did this as I needed to take down "Howler" for my objective and the priest would try for the objective in the area and then head underground.

In the first turn my priest would head to the Marked Grave to find one objective. The rest of the warband would move forward to meet the vicious werewolves.

I also forgot to mention that the waterfall and well had a hidden passage way to an underground passage. It was a free action to locate at TN3. If you decided to look as an action it was TN2. Jason moved his great wolf to locate the passage behind  the falls but was unable to do so. He then advanced his crew and hid behind the rock formation and in the trees.

"Blackmaw" was deployed further down the table. He was rushed up the table to meet my Brotherhood.

As the game continued my brotherhood was able to advance forward and take down "Howler". Which scored me 2 victory points for having The Score. This would not go unnoticed as "Blackmaw" quickly entered the fray to try and avenge his fallen brother.

The Great Wolf would find the secret passage in the falls and head down to the POI. See this and having The Rescue campaign card I had no choice but to head down to the cavern to try and drive the foul beast back!

Having to move in close to take out Howler gave his inmates the opening to charge my brotherhood. They would move in and attack The Old Woodsman and "Valor", a Crossbowman brother.

The inmate would make quick work of valor. The rest of the inmates gathered their numbers and surrounded the Old Woodsman.

While this is going on, the Great Wolf being much quicker then the Cardinal "Mercy"and the Veteran Brother "Justice" was able to kidnap the person of interest and flee. Digging deep into their inner reserves they were able to use their fate and extend their movement to gain ground on the hulking stalker.

The next turn Jason decided to have his Great Wolf turn and face the brotherhood. Have The Duel secret objective he could gain 2 victory points if he was able to kill my Cardinal. He would attack, only inflicting one would to the Brotherhood leader.

During the combats that were taking place above and below ground my priest "Wisdom" was rushing underground to capture the second objective in the neutral area to obtain the 2 victory points for The Search objective card. Jason caught on and sent "Blackmaw" and one of his inmate to deal with the priest.

The fight between the Great Wolf and "Mercy" would continue to a stand still, with either side unable to banish the other from this world.

The priest would make it to the objective to search. Only to be looking in the wrong compartment and unable to find the missing formula to cure lycathrophy.

Passing a shape senses check and expending fate, "Blackmaw" tore through the underground grotto and charged "Wisdom". He would deplete the priests hit points but with "Wisdom's" iron will he was able to overcome the massive damage and stand firm.

 The dice would be rolled to see if another turn would be require, but the game would end. The final score was 3-2 for the Brotherhood. I obtained 2 victory points for killing "Howler" and 1 victory point for the single objective that "Wisdom" was able to locate. Jason obtained 2 victory points for having the score and killed "Penace", which was his named target.

Neither of us used our campaign cards. Jason never use The Fog as it would have not helped much during the battle. I never user my Feat:Strength as I did not feel their was a good time for its use. With keeping the card and winning I was awarded 2 campaign points. This brought my total to 10, which was enough to win the campaign!

Final score: Humans 10 - Monsters 4

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P.s. Here is a shot from our second battle. Jason played his Hungarian Monster Hunters and I played my Nosferatu. I didn't have my ManBat fully painted yet for the shape of the beast power so I proxied this WereBear from my old D&D minis line. Way to funny!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Impetus: Knechte Unit

With the first adventure of GS:Delves out of the way. I figured I would switch things up this week and start in on my 15mm Impetus project for the Teutonic Order.

Impetus is a rule set for Historical gaming. The game developers provide army lists from different time frames for players to choose from. My gaming group tends to work on armies from the same era as to keep its historical value.

To find out more on this rule set please visit there website here.

What drew me to the Teutonic Order was basically everything is mounted. They hit quick, fast and hard.

The first unit I started with were the Knechte. These guys are mounted ranged archers who help deal with the charging footman and skirmishers. They will also lay down there life to protect the Knights! "For the Order!" 

The first unit of Knechte is almost complete. I am hoping to finish these guys tonight and get them ready to base. The only items left to complete are two shirts on the riders and the dry brushing of the manes. Here is how they look so far.

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Delves: Ironridge Chronicles: Act 1

Haven Uncovered

The first game of Goal System: Delves kicked off on Saturday night and it was a blast! We had a few minor hiccups but the game was well received and enjoyed by all! I created the adventure around my adaption of "Return to the temple of Elemental Evil". A 3.5 D&D campaign. I have ran the module a few times over the years and thought it would be a great fit for Delves. I changed the name of Hommlet to Ironridge as I have a few players who have done the original module from first edition and didn't want to give the adventure away off the bat.

First off lets introduce the cast. We had four players.

Chris made a Dwarf Fighter: Wild Slayer called "Grabthroat Shinkicker" 

Marc made a Human Ranger: Archer called "Orin Darkseed"

Ken made a Goblin Thief: Acrobat called "Gore-don Goblin"

Jason made a Human Priestess: Cleric called "Alyanna Waystone, Priestess of the Moon"

The adventure started in the region of the "Highlands of Pondu" in the world of Onyx. The Characters have decided to head to the area to avoid the political strife that is happening between the Alliance (Dwarven, Human and Elven races) as the Highlands stand removed from such turmoil. 

This leads the characters to the town of "Ironridge" our starting place of the adventure.

(Some of you may recognize this as the map for Hommlet from D&D)

As the characters are meeting at the local tavern the "Crusty Beard". The Captain of the guard arrives with a frantic brunette and approaches the heroes. After a short dialogue and a few "Social checks" they discover the brunette is "Yolonda", the wife to the old woodsman "Gareth" who has been missing for he last few days. The characters find out he was last seen harvesting wood from the "Frostpine" two days. Yolanda explains this isn't normal and the Captain explains his militia has been stretched thin with the recent wolf attacks on the towns lives stock and other reports of missing townsfolk. The heroes except the challenge. After a few "You have my axe" and "you have my bow" quotes they head out in search of Gareth.

Encounter 1 - The Missing Woodsman
After reaching the Frostpine the day quickly passes and the heroes opt to rest for the night and continue the search at daybreak. While Orin was on watch the adventurers come undersiege from a pack of Wolves lead by two Dire Wolfs. 

The Dire Wolf was much quicker then Orin anticipated and the beast was quickly on the ranger.
Orin's fast act to yell a warning awakened his fellow companions

The Heroes awaken to find the Wolf pack advancing.

 Groggy and half awake the heroes ready for the wolf attack.

The battle-harden adventurers manage to dispatch a few wolves from the pack. 
This caused the wolves to to turn tail and run. Clearly they bit off more then they could chew.

Their was cost to the battle as Orin was unable to deal with the lone Dire Wolf. 
Luckily, as he fell unconscious as the wolves were routed and the rest of 
the party was able to see to his aid. 

While the party rested Gore-Don noticed some white tattered cloth, appeared to be remnants of a shirt in the mouth of a dead Dire Wolf. Thinking this could be from Gareth's shirt. The adventure decide to try and track the foul beasts. Once Orin is able to gather his composure he takes on the task of pursing the pack.

Encounter 2 - The Hunt
Orin has little trouble tracking the vile animals to a clearing. But the adventurers were surprised to find a giant lumbering around the area

Orin fills the group in on what he sees and they opt to hide and watch the behemoth. After a few moments its obvious that the giant seems looking for something as he crashes around the area. A few times he stop an sniffs by what appears to be old abandoned well. 

As the giant stops in front of the well, the injured wolf pack appear out of the forest and attack the hulking giant. The giant was able to notice one of the wolves and drops the beast with one blow. The heroes decide to use the chaos as an advantage and join in on the fray. Not before Orin was able to get some payback

 As the battle continues the wolves continue there attack on the giant only to be meet with a pulverizing onslaught. The wolves fall quickly and the heroes are puzzled why the wolves are not retreating. They quickly enter the combat and challenge the giant.

During the skirmish Alyanna hears faint moans coming from the well and heads over to investigate as the others deal with the giant and remaining wolf. Using all her strength Alyanna is able to pry the lid from the old well and find a wounded Gareth. She returns to the battle to aid her companions as the giant is making a tougher challenge then anticipated.

After taking a heavy hit from Grabthroat, the giant focuses his energy on the dwarf and grabs hold of the tiny warrior. Squeeze after squeeze the dwarf screams in agony but refuses to give in to the pain. Using this opportunity Gore-don finds his opening and slashes the giant cutting deep into a artery. As the blood flows quickly the giant falls faster!

Alyanna quickly heads to the well and was lowered down by Grabthroat to assist Gareth. Using her divine powers she is able to heal Gareth who thanks her for it.

The character talk with Gareth and find he was attacked by the wolves and jumped into the well to evade them. They discuss how the wolves seem to be attacking strangely as if being controlled. Gareth also mentions some strange markings located in the well. The adventurers head down to investigate.

Encounter 3 - The Uncovering
With some quick observations from Orin he discovered the markings were for a secret passage that lead into darkness. The torches were lit and the exploration started. The underground system lead to an old dusty door that appeared to be barred. Grabthroat with the aid of Alyanna were able to force the door open, only to be met with a horde of undead skeletons!

Grabthroat rushed the skeletons and was able to dispatch a number of them. The rest of the heroes followed to finish off the last of the undead mass. After a quick search the adventurers realized they much have stumbled upon an old underground temple.

The undead protector of the temple ordered his ghoul minions to advance on the heroes as he begins his summoning ritual. 

The ghouls clash with the party tying them up while the protector continues his ritual. Gore-don was able to slay one of the ghouls while the other is posing more of a challenge.

Orin arrives to assist his comrades. 

Grabthroat and Alyanna advance to the protector to stop the ritual. 

The short stature of the Dwarf did not aid them. As the protector was able to finish the ritual and the skeletal monster was summoned.

Grabthroat and Alyanna engaged the undead warrior. Alyanna attempted to turn the lifeless guardian but quickly realized the foe was more powerful then anticipated.  

 The Skeletal monster charged the Priestess of the Moon striking a mortal blow. 

Gore-don and Orin elimate the final ghoul and rush to aid their fallen companion.

Orin and Gore-Don arrive to exterminate the skeletal monster but not before the protector was able to drop the wild slayer.

The fierceness of the battle ensued. Strike after strike Orin and Gore-Don battled with the protector. Its undead prowess was like nothing they have ever experienced!
(My dice rolls were off the charts)

Just when the human and goblin were on the brink of death, Gore-Don found a gap in the protector's armor.

The heroes quickly regrouped and investigated the area. Gore-Don was able to find a "Ring of Protection" and a amulet on the undead warrior.

 The others headed to the bookshelves and tome. Here they found information on a ancient cult serving something called the "Elder Elemental Eye"  

The adventurers then headed back to town to deliver the missing woodsman. Upon returning the heroes find out that the Captain of the guard obtained some information on the missing folk. 

"It appears that bandits wearing Orche-colored robes were see taking some of the townsfolk to the old moat house. Get cleaned up. I need you to head out there!"

Enter Adventure 2!!

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