Monday 24 September 2012

Buildings, Buildings, Buildings......

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon "Eric The Shed's" forum post on Lead Adventure pertaining to Log Cabins created by Pegasus Hobbies. Upon viewing them I knew they would be a perfect fit for my gaming table. For those who maybe visiting for the first time, the central idea for all my terrain is to give each piece a frosty, cold climate feel. This works great for me as most all my games/models follow a similar idea.

After reading and viewing pictures of the cabins I promptly found a online store with the products and ordered them. I decided to go with the Russian Farm Houses and Russian Log Houses kits. The scale is actually 1/72 but works quite well for 28mm settings. One week later I had them in my hands.

Its wasn't long after that I started the buildings. The buildings came in separate pieces and were quite easy to put together. They had very minimal mold lines and did not require much preparation for painting. (One thing of note, if you do purchase be sure to clean each piece with warm soapy water. Both of my sets seem to have some mold release on them which would stop your primer from adhering to the buildings.) After this was completed, I primed each building black and started painting them.

The log cabins were painted GW Scorched Brown and then dry brushed with GW Graveyard Earth followed by P3 Rucksack Tan and a slight dry brush highlight of P3 Hammerfall Khaki. I applied a slight white dry brush to each door to draw some attention to the area. The roof of the small log cabin was done with GW Charadon Granite and dry brush with three layers of a GW Bleached Bone mix, adding more Bleached Bone at each layer. The same was done for each the chimney in three of the cabins.

The roofs of the other cabins were done with P3 Bloodtracker Brown to a dry brush of P3 Gun Corps Brown, followed by P3 Rucksack Tan. A slight dry brush highlight of P3 Moldy Ochre was add very conservatively.

The paneling on this cabin was done with GW Charadon Granite follow by a dry brush with a mix of P3 Hammerfall Khaki. This was done for three layers with more Hammerfall Khaki being added after each layer.

One other thing I forgot to mention about the cabins was the price. For practically ten bucks a set they are a steal. With shipping to Canada the total was a mere $26.00, which for me was money well spent! I am looking forward to getting a few more of these for my terrain table. 

Before I bring this post to a close I wanted to show off my Knechte unit for my Teutonic Order for Impetus. In between painting the buildings I was able base the Knechte. For my first unit of 15mm Impetus I was quite pleased at the final product. Next I will be on to the Livonians.

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  1. Great pictures and glad to be of service


  2. Thanks Eric. I am hoping to put them to use this Friday for a game of Chaos in Carpathia.