Monday 1 October 2012

The Dice gods taketh away......

Last week I was able to get in a game of Hordes with Ken. It was my Legion took against his Skorne army.

The Hordes games was a 35 pointer. Here are the Legion starting forces. (I had a few new models I wanted to test out - pardon the unfinished work)

The forces of Skorne.

The game started like any other with me advancing my forces, followed by a few buffs. Ken did the same for his forces.

On turn two I used my Legion speed to advance on the Skorne army. With the Hellion I was able to have my winged beasts charge for free. This is where I should have noticed that the dice gods had forsaken me. I was able to send in my Angelius who missed with both attacks, followed by the Scythean who did hit and kill its target. The Raek, Soldier missing on all attacks, followed by the Naga hitting but doing minimal damage and the Hellion doing the same.  I even had Vayl use rampager on his Titan and he missed his attack on one of the Gatormen. 

With my debacle out of the way it was time for the Skorne retaliation. Due to some amazingly awesome rolls on Ken's part and horrible ones on my part, in one turn he was able to cut my army in half. Taking out the Angelius, Scythean and Raek. This would not be a good night for the Legion army.

Seeing that the game was going down the drain I had one "Hail Mary" left in me. With the last onslaught Ken brought his warlock up close to deal some damage. I threw everything I had left at him (which wasn't much). I was able to clear a path with Vayl using rampager on the Titan, which its attack missed of course. I then cast Incite and Chiller to help with the assassination run. First the forsaken was sent up with the blight bomb. No damage was assigned to the Skorne warlock with 2 fury. (POW 8 with four dice)  Ken did however have 4 fury on the titan which I was able to do 5 or 6 damage. It was now time for my soldier to do his best. He charged in taking two smacks. I was lucky enough to have both hit. On the damage rolls however not that good. After the smoke cleared Naaresh stood with half hit points. 

The retribution of the Skorne was fast and quick. My Soldier and Naga were quickly displaced, leaving Vayl with no beasts to command. I conceded on that note to lick my wounds and plot my revenge! 

I may have been a little to aggressive with the Skorne that evening, but with my dice rolls that may not have mattered. Still good game and a good win for the Skorne!

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