Wednesday 24 October 2012

A Blast From The Past: WH 40K

It was November, 2008 or 2009 (can't quite remember). I was visiting a couple of friends who just took the plunge into miniature wargaming, specifically Warhammer: 40K. The game featured the Tau taking on the Space Marines. If memory serves me correctly it was around a 500 point game. Being a geek that enjoyed boardgames like the old school Hero's Quest, D&D and Descent I thought the idea of using miniatures without a grid was genius!

Suffice to say a few weeks later I was able to get my hands on decent size Necron army and it started me into the wargaming hobby. I would go on to play and enjoy 40K for a few years before branching out into the gaming world.

Below are a few units from my Necron Army

These are my Necron Warriors that I modded to have a walking/marching pose. Kit bashing these guys were alot of fun. I can't take credit for the color scheme as the guy I bought them had it established.(This was actually Ken, whose gaming group I would later join) I just added a little dirt, wash and few light dry brushes. I thought the idea of the warriors rising out the ground would be cool.

I did the same thing with pretty much all the units in the army and followed the similar color scheme. Here was have some Destroyers and a Necron Lord with Rez Orb. I also had the Necron Warrior modded for "We'll be back" rolls. I should mention that I was using the old Necron codex, not the new one that was released a year or so ago.

 I enjoyed using these guys with their toughness 5, made them a hard unit to take down. I often partnered them with the Necron Lord to teleport around the table as most people did.

The Tomb Spyder was another favorite unit, who would lumber around taking down vehicles. The Wraiths and Scarabs were quick tarpit units when needed.

When I bought the Necron forces from Ken he had a Monolith still in box. Being such a cool vehicle I knew I had to do something uber geeky with it. This would be green lighting, a cliché I know. I mounted in a battery box, LEDs, some wiring and trap door and viola, the Monolith has power. One thing I would have done differently is added more lights :-)

Probably my favorite model in the Necron army is the Deceiver C'Tan. I enjoyed playing him in the game but it was more for painting step forward. Once this model was completed my painting techniques started to improve drastically. This was all thanks for a few hours one evening with a member of gaming group, Chris Eustace. He showed me some layer techniques which you see above. You can see some of his work on a previous blog post here . He painted the Dwarf "Grabthroat Skinkicker" and the undead protector from our first Delves adventure.

Saddly Games Workshop would have yet another price hike and enough was enough. Since then the army has been sitting on my shelf collecting dust, rather then out on the battlefield collecting souls!

I may never part with these models as they were my inauguration into the gaming hobby.

What game/models got you into the hobby??

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