Friday 5 October 2012

CiC: The Dice gods taketh away - Part Two!

Last week Jet popped over for an evening to continue on with our Chaos in Carpathia campaign: Humans Vs. Monsters.

For this game Jet used his Were Wolves. The war-band consisted of The Great Wolf, two were wolves; Black Maw and Howler and three inmates.

I chose to go with my Brotherhood. They consisted of the Kardinal of Wisdom with hound, the Priest of Mercy with hound, three Veteran Brothers; Justice, Wrath and Valor and two Brothers; Vengeance and Penance.

The stage was set and the game was underway. Both players had deployed and were ready for some action. Jet cruised his Were Wolves up the middle. Not one to back down from a fight the Brotherhood advanced forward to meet the charge!

I should mention the Keep was assigned as the key location, and the cabin in the middle right housed the person of interest. The objectives on Jet's side were a small log cabin and the middle statue. On my side the objectives were the Grave marker and middle statue. Their was also a underground objective, the alchemist table, that counted for what ever you needed it to be.

Seeing the vile Great Wolf move forward and obtain his first objective, Mercy, the Brotherhood Priest did the same. All under the protection of his fellow brothers.

The rest of the Brotherhood, lead by Wisdom moved up the right to flank the foul creatures!

The next turn Valor moved slowly to the corner of the statue seeing one of the Wolf's henchman. The crossbow rose and the bolt struck true. The inmate was reduced to 0 vitality but passed the resolve check with ease.

Howls could be heard for miles thru the Carpathian Mountains as the Great wolf issued his orders. Knowing innocence we at stake the Brotherhood did not flinch nor stray from the sight of the beast, but rather charged with a proven courage!

Vengeance would lead the charge targeting the Great Wolf, but missing horribly. The crazed inmate would fall into attack the Brother wounding him.

Wrath would then rush forward to aid his brother, separating him from the Great Wolf. With a swing of his axe, the blade would strike true but not penetrate the thick hide of the abomination!

This battle would prove to be my demise. (As the dice gods had shun me once again. I believe the average roll was one goal with five dice, but I did roll 7 dice for one goal at one point) The Brotherhood were unable to push the beast back and the causalities would be many. The treacherous Black Maw would blaze forward into Vengeance ending his life.

While the skirmish was taking place Mercy slowly crept to the next objective, trying to go unnoticed to his opponent.

The Great Wolf would take down the Veteran Brother Wrath and then advance on to the Brother Penance.

 The cunning beast that is Black Maw left the melee to deal with Valor who was raining arrows on the wolf band. With one slash he would drop Valor to zero vitality, luckily his iron will was enough to over come the vicious blow.

The mighty resolve would be shorted lived as the inmate would advance on Valor. He was unable to deal with the damage, allowing Valor to meet his heavenly brothers.

The next turn would be the last for the Brotherhood. The Wolves would wipe out their existence, except for the Priest who was lost in his finding in the underground.

The Wolves win 6-2. Jason had the hunt and two score cards for 6 points. I would get two points for my search card and obtaining two objectives.

All in all it was a great game. Even though the dice were against me, Jet got a well deserved win.

The Brotherhood will be back to deal with those mongrel pups!!

Cheers and thanks for reading!


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