Monday 22 October 2012

Delves Update: Dark Lacerater

With the Delves adventure less then one week away I have been quite busy finishing off models and building terrain. What I enjoy most about this hobby is taking my ideas and putting them on the table. They don't always look as good as I imagine them but I am getting better at it.

One of those ideas was the "Dark Lacerater" This beastie is a being of pure muscular power. If something is unlucky enough to find itself in the Dark Lacerater's grasps it better find a way out quick. As the fiend will try to rip it limb from limb with its "Rend" ability.

The monster is mostly found underground and tends to be very territorial. Some have been known to be protective over one or two inhabitants in its area.

 This is another model from the World of Warcraft Boardgame: The Burning Crusade Expansion. The skin was base coated GW Charadon Granite, followed by progressive layers of dry brushing with a mix of GW Bleached Bone. I then did a wash with GW Badab Black and a light dry brush with GW Bleached Bone. The claws were done with GW Scorched Brown, with a layer of GW Bestial Brown to GW Graveyard Earth. The process was finished with a light dry brush of GW Bleached Bone.

Stay tuned for more Delves updates!

Cheers and thanks for reading



  1. Love that model and the paint-work!!!


  2. I have a peculiar suspicion that we'll be seeing this guy on Saturday night. Oh dear...