Thursday 25 October 2012

GS Delves: Adventure Two Sneak Peak

The next adventure for Delves is set for this Saturday and I am ecstatic! I've been working over the last few weeks getting models, terrain and plans ready for the event. Without giving to much away I wanted to offer a sneak peak of something I was working on.

While planning the adventure I quickly realized their was a specific piece of terrain that I needed. When chaotic cultist are involved they tend to need a altar, either for sacrifices, book burning, rituals or just for looking plan cool. Not having said piece I would have to scratch build one for my needs.

Here is what I came up with.

This lovely piece was made mostly from polystyrene (insulation), Games Workshop city ruin pieces and a piece from HeroQuest for the tome. I glued down some sand in random areas and based everything black. From their I did progressive levels of dry brushing with a black to white mix. The stone table was glued to a small piece of MDF so that it can be removed from the altar base to be used at other areas. The tome is lodged on the stone slab so that the table can be used for other purposes.

I may add some flock in some areas but not sure. If anyone has any suggestions to spice up the piece feel free to leave a comment. I am always looking to improve.

Cheers and stay tuned for more Delves action!


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