Monday 15 October 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different....

Over the weekend my wife and I had the privilege of taking our daughters, Emma (4) and Avery (2) on a family trip. The girls were very excited about this excursion as we would be traveling to Halifax, Nova Scotia to see The Wiggles live in concert! For those not familiar with The Wiggles, they are group of children entertainers from Australia and are quite popular around the world and with both my daughters. I wanted to take a quick detour from my gaming posts to share a little of our adventure. I am sure their are other gaming father's out there :-)

Leading up to the trip the girls were counting down the days until the day we would leave for the airport to head to Halifax. To say they were exited about the trip was a understatement!

The day finally came for us to depart for the airport. Not only would this be the first time for Emma and Avery to see The Wiggles live, but it would be the first time for them to travel on a Airplane. Their were many questions about the each plane and which plane we would be getting on etc. Below we have Emma then Avery at the airport awaiting for our boarding call.

The boarding call was finally announced and and we were off to get on board. It didn't take long for the kids to get settled in with their headsets, snacks and watching their favorite shows.

I'm happy to say the flight was smooth and we landed safely in Halifax, where we were off to the Hotel for the night. The next day it was time to head off to the concert. Emma was super excited at this point. In that instance, seeing the expression of excitement on her face made the trip for me. I knew memories were being formed that I would remember for the rest of my life.

While in the lobby the receptionist was nice enough to take a quick family photo.  We were all ready, signs, roses and all. (Roses are for a character called Dorothy the Dinosaur, which will be collected during the show for her Rosie Tea)

It was finally that time. All those nightly count-downs of how many sleeps it would be were finally over. We were at the show and it was about to begin. Then the curtain was raised, "Toot, toot chagga, chagga big red car" The Wiggles were on stage. Emma and Avery were beside themselves.

It didn't take long before they invited the kids to get up out of their seats to dance and have fun. Emma wasted no time and headed to the front to enjoy the show. She was in her glee!

During the show the characters interacted with the kids and they loved it! Below we have Cap't Feathersword saying hi to Emma. She was star struck heehee

It was the time in the show where they collected roses for Dorothy. Each of The Wiggles strapped on a side bag and headed out in the crowd to collect them. Avery being younger was a little more reserved and stayed in my arms for the show, but she had a rose for Dorothy. Jeff, the purple Wiggle seen the rose and came over. Avery gave him the rose and then he offered a high five, which she returned. I was one happy dad!

The show came to a close and Emma was floored! She thanked her Mother and I over and over for bringing her. She was so excited.

After the weekend was over and the kids were settled back home in their beds I took a few moments to reflect on the adventure.  For me as a father its one of those milestones that you hit that you will never forget. The expressions on my daughters faces, their actions and emotions made the trip priceless. I'm grateful Julie and I were able to take the girls on the family trip. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, with work and other duties, but experiences like this tend to ground you, bringing you back to the realization that your a Father first. Hey, I love my kids!!

Cheers, and thanks for reading,



  1. Great job on the posting! I love our kids too and I am so glad we got to do that for them :)

  2. Quite right, too! Being a Dad is pretty much the pinnacle, isn't it, especially when you can give them an experience they find so magical? (I found your blog via Jason's Geektactica which I've followed for ages)


    1. Hey Rab, Thanks for the comment. Life certainly changes when children come along. It really humbles you. It did for me anyways :-) Jason has a great blog going, he is the one who got me into the whole adventure gaming. CiC is one of my favorite games, and we are having a lot of fun with GS:Delves as well. And he has me started on my Impetus Teutonic Order, which I have 3 light cav units completed.