Thursday 18 October 2012

Delves Update: Hunter Hunted

When adventures go searching for fame and fortune they may not always find what they seek. Depending on the the choices and direction the players choose, they may find themselves being hunted by the deadly "Molten Carnivore".

This beast is quick, agile and immune to fire. It has a vicious tail attack that can falter the largest of foes. Only a few veteran woodsman have ever seen the monster and lived.

This model is the Raek from the Legion of Everblight faction from Hordes, created by Privateer Press. The skin was based with GW Scab Red. Then layered with GW Red Gore, to a GW Blood Red, Red Gore mix. It was then highlighted with GW Blood Red to a top highlight of GW Blazing Orange.

The carapace and spikes were based with GW Scab Red followed by a layer of GW Scorched Brown. Then a layer of GW Bestial Brown to GW Graveyard Earth. This was followed by a dry brush of a mix of GW Graveyard Earth and GW Bleached Bone, followed by a light dry brush of GW Bleached Bone.

Everything for the next adventure is coming together nicely. I decided to supply the stats for the baddies I have been creating in the post that will recap each adventure, this is just to keep some surprises for the players during the game.

Stay tuned for the next post which will feature the "Dark Lacerater"

As always thanks for reading,



  1. Brilliant paint-work! Love it!

  2. Thanks Scott, its be a lot of fun getting ready for the next adventure.

  3. Very impressive, and intimidating.