Friday 19 October 2012

GS Delves: Amazing Sculpts

In the last post I mentioned I would highlight the "Dark Lacerater" but I had a some models show up in the mail that I wanted to share.

The models I received were none other then the beautiful casts for Goal System Delves. After having time to examine each model I was quite impressed by the amount of detail. The monsters in the pack are fully assembled and looked amazing. Their will be relatively little prep work with very diminutive mold lines and hardly any flash. While two of the adventures need a few limbs attached,  the novice of sculpting skills would handle the task.

Below are a few pics of each model. With the models not being painted its a little difficult to see all the detail. But they are high quality miniatures and the sculpts are very impressive. In my miniature collection I would put these guys at the top with the best of them. (PP, WW)
Oni Mage


Half-Orc Monk

Mud Elemental 

Halfling Adventure

Halfling Adventure

I'm looking forward to getting these guys primed and painted. I may try to sneak one or two of these guys into the next adventure, if my preparation time will allow. 

As of now these models are a Delves kickstarter exclusive, but they may become available at a later date. If/when they do I will be sure to let everyone know!!

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