Tuesday 16 October 2012

Delves Update: Slippery When Wet

With the next Delves adventure quickly approaching, I have been at the grind stone getting prepared for the eventful evening. One of the items I was able to to complete was the "Golden Amoeba". This was my take on one of my favorite D&D monsters, the "Ochre Jelly" 

The model is from the World of Warcraft Board Game: Burning Crusade Expansion. It was fun and quick to paint. I did a base coat of P3 Moldy Ochre, followed by a wash of GW Devlan Mud, then a quick light dry brush of P3 Moldy Ochre. The end result was a gooey looking substance, which was what I was aiming to accomplish.

Its fine and dandy to have the model all painted, but without stats its a piece of terrain. Luckily Scott (rule set creator) made the process easy in the GS:Delves. Here is what I came up with.

Golden Amoeba (72 pts.): This gooey sludge lurks in the darkness to consume all it touches.
Monster 4D, Str 5D, Def 4D, Tough 5D, Init 3
Mv: 7” HP: 10 Primary ATT & DMG: Slam 6D/6D
Alignment: N Size: L
Attributes & Powers: Amorphous, Large Target, Melee Attack +2 +1 Dam, Slow, Smother, Acid, Sharp Senses, Tremorsense 10, Immune to slashing physical damage, Weakness to magical damage”
Drive: Consume
Reward Level: +3D

I created some new powers not contained in the rule set for this baddie. Again this was quite easy as Delves has a good reference guide for balancing any abilities you may want to create. The new creatures powers are as follows;

Effects: Some creatures have the innate ability to use vibrations in the ground to locate targets. The targets must be making physical actions and within the creatures tremorsense range (which is stated after the ability).
Cost: 2 pts

Type: Damage
Effects: Damage dealt by this creature is concerned acid damage. Attacks from acid have a chance of destroying non-magical equipment. Once a character is hit with an attack make a chance roll, if 3 goals are rolled a piece of equipment has been effected by the acid (GM Decide). When partnered with smother each round in the smother reduce the goals need by 1. Only one piece of equipment can be affected at a time. Increase the RL by 1 combo'd with Smother
Cost:3 pts

Lethargic Reflexes
Type: Other
Effects: Either due to their physical bodies or their state of mind, creatures with this ability have a slower then normal reaction time in combat. Because of this they suffer a minus five to their initiative rolls
Cost: -4 pts

For those familiar with the "Ochre Jelly" you will notice I didn't create the famous "Split" ability. The actual reason was I didn't have any models to use when this ability is triggered. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas feel free to leave a comment as I would love to add the ability to the monster.

As always thanks for reading. The next update will feature the dreaded "Molten Carnivore" 


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