Wednesday 19 September 2012

Impetus: Knechte Unit

With the first adventure of GS:Delves out of the way. I figured I would switch things up this week and start in on my 15mm Impetus project for the Teutonic Order.

Impetus is a rule set for Historical gaming. The game developers provide army lists from different time frames for players to choose from. My gaming group tends to work on armies from the same era as to keep its historical value.

To find out more on this rule set please visit there website here.

What drew me to the Teutonic Order was basically everything is mounted. They hit quick, fast and hard.

The first unit I started with were the Knechte. These guys are mounted ranged archers who help deal with the charging footman and skirmishers. They will also lay down there life to protect the Knights! "For the Order!" 

The first unit of Knechte is almost complete. I am hoping to finish these guys tonight and get them ready to base. The only items left to complete are two shirts on the riders and the dry brushing of the manes. Here is how they look so far.

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  1. Looking good. Can't wait to see them based. I shall enjoy crushing them.