Monday 17 September 2012

Delves: Ironridge Chronicles: Act 1

Haven Uncovered

The first game of Goal System: Delves kicked off on Saturday night and it was a blast! We had a few minor hiccups but the game was well received and enjoyed by all! I created the adventure around my adaption of "Return to the temple of Elemental Evil". A 3.5 D&D campaign. I have ran the module a few times over the years and thought it would be a great fit for Delves. I changed the name of Hommlet to Ironridge as I have a few players who have done the original module from first edition and didn't want to give the adventure away off the bat.

First off lets introduce the cast. We had four players.

Chris made a Dwarf Fighter: Wild Slayer called "Grabthroat Shinkicker" 

Marc made a Human Ranger: Archer called "Orin Darkseed"

Ken made a Goblin Thief: Acrobat called "Gore-don Goblin"

Jason made a Human Priestess: Cleric called "Alyanna Waystone, Priestess of the Moon"

The adventure started in the region of the "Highlands of Pondu" in the world of Onyx. The Characters have decided to head to the area to avoid the political strife that is happening between the Alliance (Dwarven, Human and Elven races) as the Highlands stand removed from such turmoil. 

This leads the characters to the town of "Ironridge" our starting place of the adventure.

(Some of you may recognize this as the map for Hommlet from D&D)

As the characters are meeting at the local tavern the "Crusty Beard". The Captain of the guard arrives with a frantic brunette and approaches the heroes. After a short dialogue and a few "Social checks" they discover the brunette is "Yolonda", the wife to the old woodsman "Gareth" who has been missing for he last few days. The characters find out he was last seen harvesting wood from the "Frostpine" two days. Yolanda explains this isn't normal and the Captain explains his militia has been stretched thin with the recent wolf attacks on the towns lives stock and other reports of missing townsfolk. The heroes except the challenge. After a few "You have my axe" and "you have my bow" quotes they head out in search of Gareth.

Encounter 1 - The Missing Woodsman
After reaching the Frostpine the day quickly passes and the heroes opt to rest for the night and continue the search at daybreak. While Orin was on watch the adventurers come undersiege from a pack of Wolves lead by two Dire Wolfs. 

The Dire Wolf was much quicker then Orin anticipated and the beast was quickly on the ranger.
Orin's fast act to yell a warning awakened his fellow companions

The Heroes awaken to find the Wolf pack advancing.

 Groggy and half awake the heroes ready for the wolf attack.

The battle-harden adventurers manage to dispatch a few wolves from the pack. 
This caused the wolves to to turn tail and run. Clearly they bit off more then they could chew.

Their was cost to the battle as Orin was unable to deal with the lone Dire Wolf. 
Luckily, as he fell unconscious as the wolves were routed and the rest of 
the party was able to see to his aid. 

While the party rested Gore-Don noticed some white tattered cloth, appeared to be remnants of a shirt in the mouth of a dead Dire Wolf. Thinking this could be from Gareth's shirt. The adventure decide to try and track the foul beasts. Once Orin is able to gather his composure he takes on the task of pursing the pack.

Encounter 2 - The Hunt
Orin has little trouble tracking the vile animals to a clearing. But the adventurers were surprised to find a giant lumbering around the area

Orin fills the group in on what he sees and they opt to hide and watch the behemoth. After a few moments its obvious that the giant seems looking for something as he crashes around the area. A few times he stop an sniffs by what appears to be old abandoned well. 

As the giant stops in front of the well, the injured wolf pack appear out of the forest and attack the hulking giant. The giant was able to notice one of the wolves and drops the beast with one blow. The heroes decide to use the chaos as an advantage and join in on the fray. Not before Orin was able to get some payback

 As the battle continues the wolves continue there attack on the giant only to be meet with a pulverizing onslaught. The wolves fall quickly and the heroes are puzzled why the wolves are not retreating. They quickly enter the combat and challenge the giant.

During the skirmish Alyanna hears faint moans coming from the well and heads over to investigate as the others deal with the giant and remaining wolf. Using all her strength Alyanna is able to pry the lid from the old well and find a wounded Gareth. She returns to the battle to aid her companions as the giant is making a tougher challenge then anticipated.

After taking a heavy hit from Grabthroat, the giant focuses his energy on the dwarf and grabs hold of the tiny warrior. Squeeze after squeeze the dwarf screams in agony but refuses to give in to the pain. Using this opportunity Gore-don finds his opening and slashes the giant cutting deep into a artery. As the blood flows quickly the giant falls faster!

Alyanna quickly heads to the well and was lowered down by Grabthroat to assist Gareth. Using her divine powers she is able to heal Gareth who thanks her for it.

The character talk with Gareth and find he was attacked by the wolves and jumped into the well to evade them. They discuss how the wolves seem to be attacking strangely as if being controlled. Gareth also mentions some strange markings located in the well. The adventurers head down to investigate.

Encounter 3 - The Uncovering
With some quick observations from Orin he discovered the markings were for a secret passage that lead into darkness. The torches were lit and the exploration started. The underground system lead to an old dusty door that appeared to be barred. Grabthroat with the aid of Alyanna were able to force the door open, only to be met with a horde of undead skeletons!

Grabthroat rushed the skeletons and was able to dispatch a number of them. The rest of the heroes followed to finish off the last of the undead mass. After a quick search the adventurers realized they much have stumbled upon an old underground temple.

The undead protector of the temple ordered his ghoul minions to advance on the heroes as he begins his summoning ritual. 

The ghouls clash with the party tying them up while the protector continues his ritual. Gore-don was able to slay one of the ghouls while the other is posing more of a challenge.

Orin arrives to assist his comrades. 

Grabthroat and Alyanna advance to the protector to stop the ritual. 

The short stature of the Dwarf did not aid them. As the protector was able to finish the ritual and the skeletal monster was summoned.

Grabthroat and Alyanna engaged the undead warrior. Alyanna attempted to turn the lifeless guardian but quickly realized the foe was more powerful then anticipated.  

 The Skeletal monster charged the Priestess of the Moon striking a mortal blow. 

Gore-don and Orin elimate the final ghoul and rush to aid their fallen companion.

Orin and Gore-Don arrive to exterminate the skeletal monster but not before the protector was able to drop the wild slayer.

The fierceness of the battle ensued. Strike after strike Orin and Gore-Don battled with the protector. Its undead prowess was like nothing they have ever experienced!
(My dice rolls were off the charts)

Just when the human and goblin were on the brink of death, Gore-Don found a gap in the protector's armor.

The heroes quickly regrouped and investigated the area. Gore-Don was able to find a "Ring of Protection" and a amulet on the undead warrior.

 The others headed to the bookshelves and tome. Here they found information on a ancient cult serving something called the "Elder Elemental Eye"  

The adventurers then headed back to town to deliver the missing woodsman. Upon returning the heroes find out that the Captain of the guard obtained some information on the missing folk. 

"It appears that bandits wearing Orche-colored robes were see taking some of the townsfolk to the old moat house. Get cleaned up. I need you to head out there!"

Enter Adventure 2!!

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  1. Brilliant! It's games like this that inspire me to keep making new games!


  2. Hey Scott, Glad I could help with the inspiration!

    Jigger - next time we play maybe Orin can do something rather then look pretty :-P

  3. Honestly? This looks balls-out awesome ;)

    1. We had a laugh! I think all involved are looking forward to Adventure 2! If you haven't checked out GS:Delves your missing out!!

  4. looks pretty cool how does the system run with people playing more then one character. By the way the scenery looks good

  5. That looks really cool to play, but how does the system work if players play more then one character. By the way your scenery looks good.

    1. Hi Commissar, Thanks for the comments on the scenery :-) It is pretty simple when it comes to playing more then one character. Each player would use each character separate from the other. They would attack and do actions, roll for initiative for each character. On the GM side of things you have a point system based on the number of characters that you build your adventure around, rather then the number of players. Does this help you out?