Thursday 6 September 2012

Dungeon Delving: The Countdown Is On....

The countdown for our first game of Goal System: Delves is officially on.  The adventure kicks off on the 15th! Its been a large project with a lot of work but I know it will be worth it when we see everything in play for the game!

I have completed a fair number of items since the last post, without further adieu here they are.

In my last entry I showed a quick snap of the forest templates. Since then I was able to finish these bad boys off. For ease of use the trees are able to disconnect from the mdf base. The first step was to attach the tree base to the mdf. I covered the entire template and tree bases with sand and then glued bark (rocks) to each. This was followed by a dry brushing of black to white. (I usually use craft paint like Apple Barrel when dealing with terrain) Over growth foilage was added followed by a sprinkle of snow flock to add the "frosty" look.

After the forest templates were completed I moved onto a new creation. One of the things I enjoy about model gaming and Delves is building terrain to fill the needs of the adventure. Such as the well I created below. This piece will be used in an encounter for the first adventure of Delves.

Keeping with the theme of the table and other terrain pieces I followed the same format for the well. I glued down tree base, sand, and bark followed by the black to white dry brush. The well is created from a smurf play set (It wasn't mine, honest! and my daughters no longer played with it). I created the covering and frame from Popsicle sticks and dry brushed them brown with a mix of yellow.

While adventuring in the Highlands of Pondu, one must be wary of its dangers. If not you may find yourself being hunted by the wolves of the Frostpine Forest.

These models are from the Descent board game by Fantasy Flight Games. They are actually used as Hell-hounds in the game but I thought they would look better as a pack of wolves. I dry brushed them with GW Chaos Black to GW Skull White mix and a GW Scorched Brown  to GW Graveyard Earth mix. The eyes are GW Red Gore with a dot of GW Blazing Orange.

What adventure would be complete without a campfire to keep the heroes warm at night. With this piece I used some small pebbles for the fire pit, cut match sticks for the wood, and stuffing from an old dog toy for the smoke/fire. I painted the match sticks black and then glued them in place. I then used plaster to shape the fire. The stuffing was sprayed black and then glued to the dried plaster. After the stuffing was attached I painted the plaster and the base of the stuffing red, orange and yellow.

Lastly, I was able to finish the tower that will be used in the second adventure of Delves. This building was actually a wooden craft model from the local discount store. I added some bitz from the GW Imperial Sector set. The building is sanded at the base and dry brushed black to white to keep with the theme. Snow flock mixed with glue was added after.

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