Tuesday 28 August 2012

GS Delves: The preparation continues

More progress has been made with the Delves project. Some of which are the needed models for the opening campaign. Below are a few I have finished excluding the bases.

The first up is the Bone Dragon. This model is from the Descent board game by Fantasy Flight Games. The board game has many different fantasy monsters which made it easy to choose them for Delves.
I painting this models in two settings. He was based with GW Space Wolf Grey for a slight blue pigment. I then used GW Asurmen Blue wash and let him dry over night. This was followed by a dry brushing of GW Rotten Flesh to a slight dry brush of GW Bleached Bone. Once this was done I did another wash with GW Devlan Mud. The eyes are GW Red Gore with a dot of GW Blazing Orange. 

After painting the model I created the stats for the Bone Dragon. Using the rules for monster creation from the Delves rule set I was able to come up with the following.

Bone Dragon (120 pts): A terrifying visage of undead strength.
[Monster, Undead] 5D, Str=6D, Def=5D, Tough=8D, Init=11
Mv=8, HP=15, Primary ATT & DAM: 6D/7D  
Alignment: E
Size: VL 
Fate: () () ()
Attributes & Powers: Breath Weapon Large Cone 6D Damage, Flying, Armor:Medium, Dark Vision, Severe Damage, Tail Attack, Terrifying Aura:TN4, Vigor +1, Large Target, Deadly +1D, Fated 1.
Drive: Cruelty
Reward Level: +4D

The next model was the Giant. Again another easy model to choose from Descent. 
This model took a little more time. The hair was dry brushed from GW Chaos Black to a gradual mix of GW Skull white. The Skin was based with P3 Khardic Flesh, layered to GW Dwarf Flesh. Then highlighted to GW Elf Flesh. The pants were done with GW Charadon Granite and layered with a mix of GW Bleached Bone. P3 Bloodtracker Brown was used to base the club handle. Followed by  a layer of P3 Gun Corps to P3 Rucksack.  The club wraps and eyes were done with GW Scab Red with GW Blood Red highlight. After this the entire model was covered with GW Devlan Mud to give the grimy, dirty look I was going for.

I did not need to create the stats for the Giant as they were already included in the bestiary within the Delves rule set.

Having already painted the earth elemental I needed to create stats for it. Again using the monster creation rules from Delves I was able to generate them quite easily.     

Earth Elemental (60 pts): The ground itself formed into a force of power. 
[Monster] 4D, Str=7D, Def=5D, Tough=7D, Init=9 
Mv=7, HP=10, Primary ATT & DAM: 5D/7D 
Alignment: N 
Size: L 
Attributes & Powers: Borrowing, Hideous Strength +2D, Armor Heavy, Sharp Sense +1D, Melee Attack +1D ATT, Slow 
Drive: Thrall
Reward Level: +2D

Finally I started work on the last of the forest templates made from mdf.
Each template has the sand and bark (used as rocks) attached that has been primed black. The other area has been painted white which will be covered in snow flock. 

I am hoping to finish these templates tonight and will add a finished pic to this post.

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