Tuesday 7 August 2012

The Inaugural Voyage

If you were you to step inside the front door of our home, you would have to make a decision. Do you take the stairs heading up or the ones going down?

For those who chose to head up the stairs, you would meet with the delicious smell of my beautiful wife's cooking and be greeted by her wonderful smile. Followed by the laughing and playing of my two energetic daughters, the barking of our miniature husky “Abby” and other delightful encounters of a family man.

If your decision was to head down you would find imagery of Atlantic salmon fishing and other outdoorsy scenarios. Followed by Gen One Transformers, Star wars, A Song of Ice and Fire and other coolness. You would observe cabinets of gaming figures, action figures, terrain, paints, tools and other supplys. A comfy couch to relax on and a desk to work on. An environment fit for a wargamer hobbyist.

The intent of this blog keep family, friends, follow gamers, and whomever else is interested up to date on my current gaming projects and plans and other epicness. Maybe share some “hidden treasures” as a fellow gamer JET put it. Speaking of which he has a great gaming blog you should check out.   http://geektactica.blogspot.ca/

I suspect things will change with my blog over the next week as I sort out the design of the site. Be patient, it will be worth it :)

Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned for the next post which will be on the new Goal System Delves game that I am beginning to play test.


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