Thursday 23 August 2012

Chaos in Carpathia

Another game I enjoy to play is Chaos in Carpathia . This game is a Goal System game similar to Delves and fits the Adventure Gaming genre. Its was created by Scott Pyle, who is also creating Delves which I have mentioned in previous posts. The guy has some great talent and scored big in my books with these two games.

The game is kind of a Victorian, Gothic horror setting. The point of the game is to pit war bands against each other to fight over objectives and scenarios. The war bands consist of your different monster squads, (i.e.Nosferatu, Were Wolves, Mad Doctor and Frankenstein, just to name a few) and human war bands. (i.e. Brotherhood, Gypsies, Hungarian Monster Hunters)
Members of my Gypsy war band

The game is based on point system for war band creation. Usually for our games we set a limit to 350 points. This is usually enough for 6-14 models depending on the war band you are playing. (i.e. Werewolves are more expensive and can easily be played with 5-6 models, where as Gypsies would need 10-12) We find this score to be perfect for our play style. Depending on how much chatting and goofing around we are doing, it should be easy to have a game completed within 90 minutes. This works out great as Jason and I have a number of war bands each and get enough time in an evening to play thru a number on them. 
 Part of the Gypsy war band

To play Chaos in Carpathia to its fullest potential, we found that a lot of terrain is needed. This really adds to the fun factor and dynamics of the game. Rather then have a "smash up derby" of sorts that models just meet up to fight. The terrain really helps with putting the focus more on strategy and objectives. Here is a shot of a Jason's table.
 As you can see, an amazing table. 

The other  focus for terrain is you have the ability to enter each building via windows or doors. Once inside you can explore or even attack in and out of windows and doors. Having the terrain to do this really adds to the games fun factor. Jason created some internal templates for each of his buildings. Which also gave him the ability to do multilevel buildings if needed.
Some internal templates for Jason's buildings

I had hoped to get our first game of Delves in this weekend but I am not quite finished all my projects. Rather then run the game with half finished models and terrain I figured I would hold out a little while and finish off what is needed. To fill the gap Jason and I may have a game of Chaos in Carpathia. If we are able to swing it I'll provide an update on how the game went. 

If you would like to know more about the game feel free to check out this link. It is a video of a battle rep. between Jason's Hungarian Monster hunters and my Nosferatu. The video is a little lengthy but gives you a great breakdown on how the game is played. 

You can also check out Geektactica for numerous gaming resources as well as the creators at Four Color Studios.

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