Tuesday 14 August 2012

Clash at the Forzen River

With a free evening in my schedule Ken dropped over for a game of Hordes. This also gave me the chance to try out some of my new terrain I created for Delves and I get the chance to admire Ken's models. He truly has a gift for this hobby. His paint jobs are amazing! 

It was a 50 point show down. Here are our lists.

Ken brought 50 points of Skorne;
Tyrant commander and standard bear
Titan Gladiator
Cyclops Shaman
Basilisk Krea
Molik Karn
Tyrant Rhadeim
Praetorian Ferox
Pain giver beast handlers – full unit
Nihilators – full unit
Orin Midwinter 

I brought 50 points of Legion of Everblight
Nephilim Soldier
Hex Hunters with Bayal
Blackfrost Shard
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Forsaken x2

Ken won the roll and decided to go first and choose his side.

After his deployment I proceed to do the same.

The game was now under way. Ken forces of the Skorne advanced quickly to the rivers edge under the order of Makeda. The Nihilators were pumped with defenders ward and a few other buffs were supplied as the crazed army readied for the coming bloodshed.(The frozen river seemed to act as a border of sorts that most of the battle was fought over it. I recently watched the "Hatfields and McCoys" which this put me in mind of)

Wanting to protect her precious beasts, Vayl sent out the Hex hunters to meet the coming Skorne charge. They were only able to offer minimal casualties to Makeda's horde, but more importantly, they were able to draw first blood! The rest of the army fell in behind the sacrificed unit.

Makeda continued to order her forces to advance. The Nihilators charged headstrong at my Hex Hunter unit, taking out a number of them. This left an opening for her Gladiator to rush and charge my Angelius killing it dead. Rhadeim charged the remaining Hex Hunters but was surprised by their acrobatic abilities. The Ferox unit boosted with Savagery assaulted the Raek, Typhon and Nephilim Soldier doing minimal damage.

Unfortunately due to some chatting and catching up (first time Ken and I had a game over the summer season) I forgot to take pics of turn 3. During this turn Vayl took the Gladiator under her control with Rampager and the Titan was advanced up to the Ferox attacking and killing it. She also incited her beasts as they advanced. The soldier thrust-ed his sword at the Ferox ending its life. With the Shadow Shift ability the Raek was able evade the Ferox and leap at Rhadeim doing minimal damage. This opened the way for Typhon to wreak havoc on the Gladiator, removing him from this world. The Blackfrost advanced into position taking out the last of the Ferox unit.

Makeda ordered the Ninilators to deal with the remaining Hex Hunters and the Seraph. Karn pushed forward to clashed with the Seraph as the Ninilators were unable to damage it. The Seraph fell to the brute force of Molik Karn enraged with Carnage. Makeda advanced forward with the bulk of her army aiding them where possible. 

Vayl was not to be out done. The soldier was sent to aid the Hex Hunters, dismounting the vile Rhadeim. The forskaken and Blackfrost unit were sent to blockade Karn and the Pain Givers. Typhon was then ordered into the fray charging the Pain Giver in the middle of the battle field. Three fiery blasts were sent into the army hitting many of Makeda's force including herself. Krea, Orin, and the Pain giver were destroyed in the flaming furnace. Makeda was injured badly as were her remaining warbeasts, due to the damage transfers.

As Makeda wiped the blood from her mouth she knew this war must end now. The Nihilators continued their attack on the Hex Hunters but also targeted the forsaken and Blackfrost unit. They were able to finish off the Hex Hunters, annihilate the Forsaken and leave all but Sevryn of the Blackfrost.  A smirk of confidence came to Makeda as she seen the opening for Karn to ambush the Everblight Warlock. The Archdomina healed the great warbeast and sent him enraged at the Legion witch. Karn hit with a vicious blow, but Vayl still had one trick left up her sleeve. Using the last of her energy she enabled the power of Talion and redirected half the damage back on the assailant, sapping it of its spirit. With the mighty Typhon breathing down her neck, Makeda knew she was defeated.

Legion Victory!

All in all it was a great game. I did squeak out a win but Ken took it easy on me as it was the first time in a while that a played a game that large.

Ken and Marc from our gaming group will be heading to Gen Con this week. Good luck guys and enjoy the festivities!

Stayed tuned for more gaming updates and thanks for reading.



  1. That looked like a awesome game. Wish I was living in St. John's and could have thrown my Circle army into the mix. Keep the posts coming...and don't forget to take pic's each round next time. :)

  2. Great photos, the icy river is awesome :)

  3. The bases on your Legion look sweet on the matching table.