Monday 7 January 2013

A Holiday Review.....

The holidays have passed and another Christmas season is in the books. This year our family traveled to the west coast of our province to spend Christmas with my in-laws. Then it was off to my parents house in central for New years.

Below is a quick shot of the snow storm we ran into on the way. Luckily the winds were down, and with 4-wheel drive we all arrived safely.

Its always nice when we are able to head home and visit family and friends we haven't seen in a while. One thing I really enjoy about heading home is taking a day to head out with nature to do some angling and hunting. With angling season not opening until February some moose hunting was in order. We didn't get our moose but was a great day in the woods all the same.

At my parents house we can leave right from their driveway on Snowmobile or Quad to head out in the country. 

Of course while I was home I took advantage taking a few trips up the "track" with Dad and Emma.

One of the trips we took was after a fresh snow fall. We were able to find some fresh moose tracks and a rabbit in the trail, which Emma was ecstatic to see. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of the bunny but I did get the tracks.You can see them if you look hard enough.

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul, my cousin Marcia's fiance while we were home. They were visiting from London, England. Paul was never on Snowmobile before so we had to change that. Suffice to say he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Another tradition we try to part take in is the "Ireland Cup" (Ireland is my Mother's maiden name). This is compromised of family members, young and old getting together for some street hockey.

Of course you can't have a holiday season in Newfoundland without a visit from Frosty.

But what would a geek post be without news of geekery! I was luckily enough to be on the nice list this year and did obtain some nice Armorcast terrain pieces. In fact it was enough to create an entire graveyard, mausoleums, outbuildings and all.

I have also made some progress since returning home. I have a unit of Order Knights for my Teutonic Order Impetus army almost complete and hoping to have a post on them later this week.

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