Friday 25 January 2013

Hordes & Delves Update: Scythean & Razorback

After finishing off my Pulp Alley league, I decided I wanted to finish my Legion of Everblight model, the Scythean. The reason was two fold. The Scythean is a melee machine and will get a lot of playtime in my Horde games and the model is needed for my next adventure of Delves.

The process for this guy was pretty simple. The carapace and claws were based with GW Scorched Brown and then dry brushed with a layer of GW Bestial Brown, followed by a mix of GW Graveyard earth and GW Bleached Bone. With a final touch of GW Bleached Bone. This was done first as as their was no worry of messing up another part of the model.

The skin was based with GW Scab Red. A layer of GW Red Gore was then applied halfway down each recess and to all the raised areas. The next layer was a mix of GW Red Gore and GW Blood Red which was applied to the raised areas. The final hightlight of GW Blood Red was used in select areas. The base was painted black and dry brushed with a white mix in a progressive fashion.

The Scythean was relatively easy to convert to the Delves world. I created the Combat Frenzy ability represent the bloodbath. Here is what I came up with; 

Razorback Lizard (92 pts.): Ferocious killing machine of the dragon kin. 
Monster 6D, Str 5D, Def 5D, Tough 7D, Init 9 Mv: 7”  HP: 16    
Primary ATT & DMG: Talons 7D/7D (3” Reach) Alignment: N   Size: L 
Attributes & Powers: Armor +2D/+1D, Combat Frenzy, Deadly +2, Extra Attack, Hideous Strength +1D, Melee Attack +1D/+2D, 3” Reach, Sharp Senses, Tremor-sense, Vigor +6 HP 
Drive: Consume  
Reward Level: +4D    

Combat Frenzy
Prerequisite: Extra Attack
Once per turn if this creature is able to hit with both its initial attacks it can make another attack against a legal target within its melee reach. +1RL
15 points   

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  1. Love it, Tenz! A great new power and an awesome write-up!