Tuesday 5 February 2013

Dual Impact: Ravagore & Darkfire Lizard

We'll folks I have finally returned to the blog! It has been a hectic couple of weeks between work and home. It was busy enough that my geeking had to take a back seat to everything else. But I am back :-)

Over the past while I was able to finish off another warbeast for my Legion army, the Ravagore. This model will also be used for the next Delves adventure, the Darkfire Lizard.

I noticed after I took the pictures that I completely forgot to finish the dry brushing on the base, please forgive me :-). I did this guy a little different then the Scythean as I found the layers on the skin tone kind of washed together and didn't really bring out the details like I wanted.

For the Ravagore I started with a darker base, P3 Sanguin Base followed by the same formula I did with the Scythean. GW Scab Red to GW Red Gore. Followed by a mix of GW Red Gore and GW Blood Red to a highlight of just GW Blood Red. 

The armor, claws and carapace were done the same as the Scythean but I did a little heavier highlight with the GW Bleached Bone to give the model more of a rugged aged look. The fire was based with GW Regal Blue, followed by a layer of GW Enchanted Blue. The top highlight was done with GW Ice Blue to a mix with GW Skull White.

You can see the drastic differences in the skin tones on both the models. In my own personal opinion the Ravagore looks better to me. What do you think?

When delving in the world of Onyx the Darkfire Lizard is a beast to be feared.......

Darkfire Lizard (103 pts.): Flaming Darkfire bellows from its maw with malicious intent.... 
Monster 7D, Str 5D, Def 5D, Tough 7D, Init 9 Mv: 7”  HP: 16    
Primary ATT & DMG: Claws 7D/5D Alignment: E   Size: L 
Attributes & Powers: Armor +2D/+1D, Breath Weapon (Inferno Sphere-6D), Deadly +3, Hideous Strength +1D, Sharp Senses, Tremor-sense, Vigor +6 HP 
Drive: Consume  
Reward Level: +3D   

Breath Weapon - Inferno Sphere
Type: Attack
Prerequisite: Breath Weapon
Some dragons and their kin are able to prefect their ability from breathing fire and other elements to hurling them at their enemies like a fireball. The damage is reflective of the cone size chosen for the breath weapon. Just like their breath weapon, once this power or a cone breath weapon is used in an encounter, the GM must roll 3+ goals on a chance roll to obtain the power to release the ability again. +1 RL.

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