Monday 18 February 2013

WarmaHordes Battle Rep: Cryx Vs. Legion

Before I go on to the Warmachine Battle rep. I wanted to let you all know we were able to finished the final battle of our Journeyman Tourney. Unfortunately my log file was corrupted and I was unable to gather any screen shots of the remaining battle, but here is a quick break down. 

The following turn everyone advanced closer to the center to capture the objective, but the Khador player who was last brought out some "tom foolery". In a gutsy move, Corey sent his caster close to the center and popped his feat which made all targets in his line of sight and control area stationary, this included my warlock. Suffice to say he was able to bring the pain and dropped my caster. Legion was the first army off the board. 

As the turns progressed the Menoth and Khador factions were able to twart the Cryx opponent leaving both human races to fight. In the end it would be Khador standing tall taking the objective. In sportsman like fashion the Khadorian forces did not want to dispatch of the Menoth caster.

The final tally for the tournament would be a tie for first between Protectorate of Menoth and Khador. A great tournament had by all, with a new one on the horizon.

Over the weekend I was able to get in a game of Warmachine against Marc and Cryx army. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but Marc was able to take a few snaps with his phone.  It was a 50 point game with the following lists.

Lich Lord Terminus
6 Bane Knights
10 Mechanithralls
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
10 Satyxis Raiders w/ Sea Witch
Bane Lord Tarterus
Warwitch Siren
Pistol Wraith
Bloat Thrall
Legion of Everblight T4 list
Shredder x3
Naga Nightlurker
Nephilim Soldier
Forsaken x2
Blighted Nyss Shephard

Marc won the roll off and decided to deploy and play first. One the first turn he basically ran everything up the middle around Terminus. The Sea Raiders took up the flank on the left.

I deployed most of my guys across a line for more coverage. Due to having a T4 list with Abby I was able to advance deploy my Shredders and the Scythean and Typhon were able to advance move due to having two forsaken. On my first turn I launched the Shredders out to the front line. The Raek and Soldier were placed to the front as well. The Scythean and Typhon followed in behind. My Ravagore advanced and shot a blast into the Mechanithralls, only to be saved my Terminus' power to give them tough. Suffice to say I would grow to hate that power as the night progressed.

Turn two for the Cryx was a blood bath. The Sea Raiders rushed in and took out one of my Shredders and brought my Soldier down to 3 hit points. The Bane Knights destroyed the other two Shredders and my Raek. The game appeared to be getting away from me quickly.

But there was a glimmer of light. On my turn I was able to advance my Forsaken close enough to the Sea Raiders and popped its Blight Shroud, which had 4 fury from the previous turn. The effect was able to hit each Sea Raider taking them all out but the Sea Witch.

The Ravagore blasted a large enough hole in the Bane Knights for the Scythean to charge the Deathjack. Two knights did survive due to Terminus tough power...Grrrr. The beast changed in hitting solidly with both attacks which activated the chain attack. In that attack the Scythean was able to drop a few Mechanithralls and another Bane Knight and was then able to finish off the Deathjack.

The following turn Marc was able to dispatch of the Scythean, the Nephilim Soldier and almost took out Typhon as well. But luckily Typhon survived and was able to take down Terminus the next turn.

It was a great game and the first time I was able to play Warmachine on the tabletop in sometime, which was awesome. Playing against a caster like Terminus was fantastic. It was something I haven't faced before and the model is insane to look at. Next time I'll be sure bring my camera and get a close up shot of that badboy. 

Until next time!


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  1. I am glad my good sportsmanship shined through :)

    To bad about the screen shots, I was really looking forward to seeing it all played out..

    In the next tourney, perhaps we shall meet again the field of battle... Maybe Sorscha wont freeze you again. =^)