Tuesday 19 March 2013

Delves Progress Update: Map Templates

One thing I enjoy about Goal System: Delves is the old school feel the game has. The common statement when playing Delves is its ability to take gamers back to their roots, usually AD&D. It is with that in mind that the next adventure will be a mix of my favorite D&D adventures from the past.

As I started to plan the adventure I soon found that it took on a mind of its own and now its more of a project then anything. But like any war-gamer I'm enjoying every moment.

Without giving to much away this adventure will be a good mix of traps, puzzles, and combat, which would make any adventure fun and exciting.

For this adventure I wanted to reveal the map as the adventurers explored the area. To do this I decided to use 8th inch mdf. I cut the pathway sections into 2.5 inch widths and at different lengths. This way I will reveal sections of the map for the players to explore. 

The larger areas will be used for rooms, caverns or whatever I need. I decided to add a few cardboard squares to each template to kinda represent an underground corridor (jury is still out if I like the look) and then sanded around them to add texture to the surface.I then dry brushed the sand to match my table.

One thing I did find with the larger pieces is that they warped with the watered down glue for the sand. I have tried brushing the underside with waterdown paint and stacking heavy books on them but they would still warp. To address this issue I spray painted the larger pieces with urban textured paint followed by a dusting of matte black. It doesn't look as nice as the other pieces but will do the job and won't warp.

I'm about half done and hoping to have the other half down by the end of the week. What I like most about these is they will come in handy for numerous other games I play.

P.s. if anyone has any idea how to prevent warping of the larger pieces I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Clear packing tape!
    Take your warped piece, cut a length of tape to go along the underside and stick it at one edge. Then place it on the edge of a table and slide it onto the table surface whilst pushing down. The tape will roll onto the underside slowly and as it cannot stretch, it corrects the warping. A couple of pieces of tape and you are gold.