Tuesday 12 March 2013

Pulp Alley: Liberators Vs. Sinister Syndicate

Last week Jet and I were able to get together for a game of Pulp Alley. We both were looking for to trying out the game again. We only managed to play it a few times before our gaming time had to take a back seat to other responsibilities.

Jet hosted, and the table setup was his masterpiece. He has quite the selection of terrain to add to any gaming table. The buildings were scratch built with cardboard, amazing stuff.

The interiors were deployed and could be accessed when you enter a crypt. To keep the game flowing he thought it best to have all the interiors met up for easy access for all players.

The main plot point was the center statue in the garden. Since we were playing on a smaller surface we decided the west side of the board wouldn't count against plot point deployment. I deployed the two tall statues, one next to the smaller crypt and the other next to the graves. Jet deployed to grave markers, one above the main plot point and the other was deployed closer to a crypt on his side of the table.

The game was started. We both chose not to use any points from our pot, just the abilities that our characters had. Captain Grant, leader of the Liberators had the "Network of Supports"  perk and rolled 3 goals and chose the "Lucky Devil" ability. Vladimir Vrex, the Crimson Professor, leader of the Sinister Syndicate had the "Bastion of Science" perk and rolled 3 goals as well. Vladimir enhanced one of his Skelebots with "Gadget X and a Utility Belt". He then pocketed a smoke grenade if his plans are foiled. The Professor also had the "Wealth" ability and chose the aid of a level one follower, Wach. One of the Professor's deadly hounds.

The Liberators won the initiative and choose to let the Syndicate to start activating characters.

The upgraded Skelebot ran to the first plot point while its counterpart rushed behind the larger crypt to take up a firing lane.

The Crimson Professor advanced to the main plot point to search next turn.

Boris headed to the other plot point aided by Kaiser and Wach.

To end things for turn one Captain Grant quickly raced to the plot point to the west, while Lester hurried to the other plot point. Monique headed to cover behind the trees Yuri advanced to the main plot point.

The Liberators still had the imitative and again allowed the Sinister Syndicate to go first. Vladimir started by moving from charge range of Captain Grant and explored the main objective, but did not find success. Continuing to let me activate, both hounds charged Yuri dealing no damage. The Skelebot advanced out of cover and took aim at Lester, but the return fire would hit the Skelebot damaging the ally.

Jet then stepped in and activated Monique who had the "Burst Fire" ability. He placed his blast template over the hounds taking out one of them from the peril and then activated Yuri. He then searched the main plot point but failed to find the hidden plans.

Again the Liberators allowed the Syndicate to activate and Boris searched his plot point. Luckily for the Professor his sidekick was able to find the weapons stash. Vladimir then passed the initiative back to the Captain. Grant then searched for a stash of his own but was unable to find the secret switch. Allowing the Liberators to continue Lester then investigated the grave discovering its plot point taking the initiative.

The Liberators had activated all their personnel, and were forced to allow the Sinister Syndicate to activate.     The final Skelebot searched the ancient statue. With the aid of gadget X the robot was able to obtain the plot point that was hidden inside.

The Skelebot tried to repair its damage but was unable to do so and fell to the ground. The next turn Boris rushed Yuri with fists flying. Yuri quickly evaded the blows. Kaiser then lunged at Yuri missing as well. The Liberators were then allowed to activate and Monique dropped another template taking out Kaiser in the process.

The Liberators continued their move and sent Lester to cover with his plot point.

The Captain then activated and charged Boris landing a hit, wounding him and taking the initiative. The Liberators had activated everyone and passed the turn to Syndicate. The Professor again searched the main plot point, but this time finding what was inside and regaining the initiative.

The Skelebot opt'd to stay in cover and protect the plot point.

The next turn The Professor engaged  Monquie to try and put a end to her "Burst Fire" and was able to wound the female sniper. Boris threw a haymaker but was unable to connect with the wiry Yuri. The Liberators then activated and Grant rushed to the aid of Monique wounding Vladimir Vrex. He then allowed the Syndicate to activate and the last Skelebot dashed up behind the crypt to try and aid its maker.

The final turn saw Monique wounded in the attack from the Skelebot but not before she was able to bash the robot who then dropped its important cargo. The attacks continued on all sides with none being wounded.

The game ended with a 4 to 1 victory for the Sinister Syndicate. Great game and look forward to playing Pulp Alley a lot more.

P.s. It should be noted that we played two games, one of which the Liberators were able to claim victory.

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  1. Cool terrain! Thanks for posting.

  2. Dynamite looking game, Tenz!


    1. The next Delves adventure is coming along well and hoping to have a post up this week on the progress. Stay tuned

  3. Thanks for the compliments The Terrain belongs to a gaming buddy. He makes some great looking terrain.

  4. Amazing table. Love the catacombs.


    1. Thanks Eli. The interiors really add a fun element to the game.