Friday 12 April 2013

Pulp Alley AAR: Liberators met The MaoTaa

When we last left our heroes Cap't Grant and his Liberators were unable to foil the plans of the Crimson Professor and the Sinister Syndicate. Vladimir Vrex was able to obtain the plutonium needed for his skelebot upgrades. The massing of his army for a global takeover will soon be complete.

In Vrexs escape with his cache, Gregarious was able to capture one of the Syndicate's skelebots. Calling on one of his many contacts he was able to obtain some valuable information from the memory banks of the evil automation...... The location of Vrex's secret lair!

Wasting no time The Liberators boarded the "Liberation" plane and headed to coordinates located deep within the German Black Forest.

Little did Grant know but Vrex was one step ahead and planted the coordinates as trap! The Liberators were about to engage the crazed cult of The MaoTaa....

Liberators vs The MaoTaa

The Scenario was Race against time. For flavor we decided The MaoTaa would be the defenders and Grant and his Liberators would be the attackers, stumbling on the cult preforming an ancient ritual.

The MaoTaa were deployed around the main plot point which was the altar in the center of the table.

Grant was deployed to the southeast of the alter with the aid of his hobo whom he befriended in his travels. Lester would later join them as we made a small error in the deployment.

The rest of the Liberators (excluding Lester) advanced over the bridge to the east of the Altar.

Turn 1
The MaoTaa activated first sending Aron the Fanatic who launched his Alchemist Fire at the Liberators. Only to have them all stave off the perilous blast.

Azular raced to the old grey bird to listen to its secrets next turn.

Three of the Fallen headed southeast to head off Grant and tarpit his advance.

Grax and the rest of The Fallen advanced towards main charge of the Liberators. While Abuhar started his incantation of shadows. (Successfully completing the first of three plot point challenges).

Spider, Monique and Yuri activated within the burst of the Alchemist fire. All were unscathed except for Spider who could not combat the peril. Yuri jumped the bridge into cover firing at the guardian wounding him and taking the initiative.

Monique used her "burst fire" to target two of the fallen, returning them to the ground from where they came.

Lester advanced firing at The Fallen only to have his bullets ring through the hallow skeletons. The deadly accuracy of the undead arrows would prove to much from Lester. (Initiative returns to MaoTaa) The befriended hound charged the undead but The Fallen's blade to end the animals existence. Grant moved towards the plot point hidden in the old shack and took a shot at the lifeless Fallen. But his gun would jam in the frosty climate of the black forest.

Turn 2  
Recovery checks were made for Grax and Spider. Grax was able to recovery while Spider was not.

 Azular heeded the chaotic wisdom of the old three-eyed bird discovering a plot point.

The Fallen moved towards Monique while those with ranged were able to wound the Liberator ally. Abuhar continued his incantation succeeding at the second challenge. The rest of The Fallen back pedaled towards Abuhar, to protect against the interruption of the process.

Not to be counted out Yuri engaged the guardian Grax with both being wounded in the process.

Capt Grant rushed the melee undead crushing its bones into the ground.

Turn 3
Grax and Yuri attempted there recovery checks with Grax recovering (Rough night on the dice for Jet)

Aron the Fanatic launched its Alchemist fire at Yuri who evaded the peril dodging out of combat. In a turn of fortunes, "Just reward" was played giving the Liberators the initiative. Yuri activated and searched the grave to find a plot point. Grant advanced and fired at one of the ranged Fallen taking it out.

The other ranged Fallen would fire back at Grant, but the return fire would be to much of a gamble and to dust it returned. Another Fallen would rush to the aid of Abuhar. Grax again engaged Yuri dropping him unconscious. Azular ran to an old wood cellar to find the hidden contents inside.

Abuhar attempted the 3rd and final challenge only to be stumped on this attempt.

Turn 4
Yuri attempted his recovery check and passed returning to D6

With the initiative Grant activated first with plans to charge Abuhar, but his fortune would not be so as he "tripped up" in the process. Yuri tried to claim the cache he previously held but was unable to pass the challenge.

Azular searched the old wood shed finding the hidden Tome of Shadows and the award of a plot point.  Grax and Aron continued to target Yuri wounding him unconscious.Abuhar attempted the final challenge and completed the incantation.

Turn 5
Yuri yet again had to make a recovery check but was unable to overcome his wounds and would remain down.

Aron turned his attention to Grant and targeted him with the fire, but the rugged veteran would be un-phased by the attack. Abuhar called upon Ahzool's blessing and took on his image to protect the annihilator's gift.

Grant made his final attempts on the madden cultist but would be unable to pry Ahzool's gift from the acolytes hands.

 The game ended with The MaoTaa in control of the main plot point and two others. The Liberators would survive with no plot points.

"The madden hackles of Ahzool could be heard deep within the soul of Gregerious Grant. Which shook the Liberator to his core..."

This game was our first test with the reanimated rule. We found the ability a little powerful when matching dice. We have decided to play the rule that you are unable to match dice with this ability which in turn makes the ability more in line to what it should be.

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  1. Nice looking report and lovely table and minis.

    Good to see this game getting played in non-tropical settings.


    1. Hi Eli,

      Thanks for the comments. We have been more into the gothic horror side of things and still wanted to use our terrain.