Monday 8 April 2013

Pulp Alley: The MaoTaa

Over the weekend I decided I wanted to make a new a league for Pulp Alley, enter The MaoTaa. 

The MaoTaa or The Madden Acolytes of The Annihilator Ahzool  have but one goal in life, the release of their dark god. The Prophesy of Shadows from the Grimoire of Azhara explains how Ahzool imprisoned himself only to be released on the chosen day of rebirth. On this day all existence will be annihilated only to be reborn, new and in his crazed image. To deem his followers worthy and the day of the rebirth to be true, his worshipers must earn the gift of his return by finding the "key" to his release. This has lead the MaoTaa across the world in search of a way to release Ahzool.

The MaoTaa do their masters bidding without question or regard for their own life. For Ahzool is the Annihilator of all things and will bring a rebirth to all existence. They follow no mortal and listen only to the many voices of Azhool.

Abuhar is revered by the rest of the MaoTaa as he is the only follower to enter the Halls of Madness and return. He is believed to have been touched by Azhool and granted his dark blessing.

Azular is the reflection of complete chaos. His devotion to Azhool is unmatched in the MaoTaa. He was able to unlock the reason within the masters madness. This is turn made him a powerful acolyte.

The Fallen are gifts from Azhool, reanimated in his image to aid in their search for the answer to his release.

I decided to use the Mastermind perk as I pictured the MaoTaa following direction directly from Azhool and the many madden voices in their head heehee. They are mad after all so their strength would be in numbers.  Overlord added the flavor I was looking to achieve with extra followers to aid the cause. Reanimated was a given to aid the undead gifts of Azhool. I wanted to have a few chosen members of the MaoTaa and Company of Heroes did exactly that. 

I am hoping to post a report later this week of the Liberators first encounter with the MaoTaa.

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