Monday 19 November 2012

Chaos in Carpathia: Werewolves Vs Monster Hunters

Over the weekend Jet and I were able to get in a game of Chaos in Carpathia. While were were waiting on some of the changes for the Nosferatu and Brotherhood warbands I decided to break out my newly painted Werewolves against his Hungarian Monster Hunters. Here is how the game went.

We had three objectives on each side of the table. The Tomb, Warlock Statue and the Campfire for the Werewolf side. The small cabin, Warlock stature (different one) and the altar for the Monster Hunter side. The tower was the key location and the medium cabin housed the person of interest.

The interiors were displayed with the tiles from my Descent board game. The tower had four levels including a basement. The Medium cabin had a main level and a basement which was where the POI was located.

We continued on with our campaign. Jet was leading and received the benefits for it. (You can check out the rules Jet created for campaigns here). The secret objectives were drawn. The Werewolves had The Hunt, The Kidnapping and The Invasion. The Hungarians had The Rescue, The Invasion and The Search. (You can see the rulings for the secret objective cards here).

With the special warband rules created by Jet, it enabled him to deploy up to half his warband into the key location if he had The Invasion secret objective card. Jet decided to use said power and deployed Helmet (Slayer) and two others to the area.

Now the game was underway. With the excitement of finally playing again after a bit of a hiatus we forgot to take a few snaps of the opening round. Lets fast-forward to round two.

With the campaign rules each player is allowed to draw one campaign card which they can use in the game or keep to add a campaign point. I drew the Secret Passage which allows me to basically put a doorway where I need one.

On turn two my pack leader - Craven the Gutripper (Props to Eddie for the name, from one of our Werewolf Apocalypse games) was in range of the tower. I made a sharp senses roll and discovered the Monster Hunters were inside. I used my Secret Passage card and emerged out of the shadows to attack Helmet. Luckily for him his faithful companion took the attack and was ripped to shreds.

Having The Search secret objective card Jet had Konrad move across the board after obtaining his first objective from the small cabin on his side of the table.

Reckless Ralph, the only inmate quickly headed to capture the POI to obtain the victory needed for The Kidnapping secret objective.

While Ralph was heading to the POI, Ravage and Red Mane rushed to head off the other Monster Hunters.

Shadowstrider rushed into the Key location to aid Craven and dispatched with Lazlo's pet monkey.

Red Mane was able to feast on the wench Elizabetha, but the silver axe of Bjorn proved to great for the mighty Ravage. Bjorn then took chase after the inmate followed behind by Adler.

Ralph fulfilled his orders and captured the POI. "Craven will be most pleased!"

A overhead shot of the for mentioned actions.

Count Konrad continued to the tomb finding the last objective needed for The Search secret objective card.

Bjorn rushed into the cabin engaging Ralph but was unable to rescue the fair lady from his clutches. Red Mane was tailing behind to assist his crazed companion.

Shadowstrider fell to the silver sword of Helmet, but not before taking Lazlo to the grave with him. Craven easily mauled Ernst as he was petrified with fear from his terrifying aura.

The game ended on turn six with a 4-3 victory for the Werewolves. I received 2 points for The Kidnapping secret objective, 2 points for The Hunt and none for The Invasion as I was never in control of the key location. The Monster Hunters received 2 points for The Search for obtaining two objectives, 1 point for The Invasion as he outnumbered me in the key location and none for The Rescue as I was in control of the POI.

It was a good night of adventure gaming and the Monsters were finally able to win one over the Von Krumms!

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  1. Looks like you guys are having a fun time!

    1. Its been a good laugh so far. I've grown to loath those vile Von Kromms!