Thursday 15 November 2012

Teutonic Order: Turcopoles

I have been slowly working on my 15mm Impetus army, the Teutonic Order. The latest addition was a unit of light cavalry, specifically the Turcopoles. 

I decided to start painting with some brighter colors on the last few units. The reasoning for this is most of my heavy cavalry will be branded with the colors of the order, which will be white and black. This will draw a definitive line on those who are in the knighthood and those who are not.

One thing I am discovering with 15mm is the more units I paint, the better the final product. As I mentioned in previous posts their is an actual technique to painting this scale. For me I am still finding out little perks and quirks as I continue to paint. Like most wargamers I talk to, 15mm is becoming a favorite of mine rather quickly.

The unit is almost complete. The only item left to finish is to dry brush the sand, and then they will be ready to join their brothers!

The next unit on the bench will be my command unit which will be a heavy cavalry unit of Teutonic Knights.

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