Tuesday 27 November 2012

Delves Update: Creepy Crawlers

Adventure three for our Delves campaign is coming up this weekend. This puts me back into my routine of preparing for the festivities.

With two other adventures already under my belt I am able to draw on some of the terrain and models I have already created which reduces the prep time for each adventure. I did however paint some new models and stats for a couple of cool baddies and here they are.

First up we have the Giant Spider Broodmother. 

Heroes will want to be very cautious when encountering the Broodmother. She is a silent and deadly predator with a poisonous bite and webbed attacks. This model is from the Decent Board game from Fantasy Flight.

Giant Spider Brood Mother (72 pts.): Web-spinning, many legged matriarch of the hunter brood. 
Animal 5D, Str 5D, Def 4D, Tough 4D, Init 9
Mv: 7”    HP: 10    Primary ATT & DAM: Bite 7D/7D
Alignment: N   Size: L  
Attributes & Powers: Deadly +1, Entrap, Large Target, Melee Attack +2/+1, Natural Attack +1D Damage, Poison 2(Bite), Sharp Senses +1D, Stealth, Wall Walker
Drive: Protection
Reward Level: +2D    

Next we have the Giant Spiders

The only thing worse then facing a Broodmother, is a Broodmother with her brood. These spiders are much like their matriarch. The main difference is they are quicker and their poison is not as potent. These models are from the World of Warcraft Board game from Fantasy Flight.

Giant Spider (68 pts.): Web-spinning, many legged hunters. 
Animal 4D, Str 5D, Def 4D, Tough 4D, Init 8
Mv: 7”    HP: 10    Primary ATT & DAM: Bite 5D/6D
Alignment: N   Size: L  
Attributes & Powers: Entrap, Large Target, Natural Attack +1D Damage, Poison 1(Bite), Preternatural Quickness, Sharp Senses +1D, Stealth, Wall Walker
Drive: Thrall
Reward Level: +1D   

When I created these creatures I needed to create the poison ability. Here is what I came up with.

If a character is hit with a creature with the poison ability for the specific attack type they have to make a toughness (without armor) versus the poison level TN. If they fail they lose 1 hp otherwise the effects of poison wears off. If the check failed, they take one hp damage and at the beginning of their activation they have the make the check again until the check is passed or the character is reduced to zero hp. Unless specified poison does not stack.
Poison 1 - TN2
Poison 2 - TN3, +1RL
Poison 3 - TN4, +2RL
Cost: Poison 1 - 5 points, Poison 2 - 8 points, Poison 3 - 12 points

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  1. You have a new follower! Im Miguel from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, I like very much your game, In my club I running a dungeon wargame based in a mix of Heroquest and D&D but I love your entries, I Think I change my house rules for Goal System.
    Sorry for my terrible english!

    1. Hi Miguel, Thanks for the kind words, your english is great!. Goal System Delves is a great system for tabletop fantasy. You won't be let down.