Wednesday 7 November 2012

The Wolf Pack Commeth......

With all the fun Jet and I have been having with Chaos in Carpathia I decided it was time to branch out and start another warband. With having two human warbands, (Brotherhood & Gypsies) I wanted to even things out and chose to create the Werewolves to go along with my Nosferatu.

I was able to name a few of the models but I am still pondering some of the others. I wanted each name to be rememebered and feared as we played through our campaign!

Without further adieu here is the finished product. 

 Here we have the Pack Leader. I haven't been able to settle on name for this bad boy but I am sure it will be intimating. I decided to give him a bump in Agility and Vitality as well as Terrifying Aura. 

This is Reckless Ralph. The only inmate in the warband. He is a little of his rocker and will do anything the wolves order him to do.

For now we shall call him Red. Red is your standard werewolf with an upgrade of Iron Will x1. This will help keep him around if the hunters are able to swarm. 

Shadowstride is another standard werewolf, but has a upgrade in Speed Burst. This will ensure he is able to begin the carnage sooner rather then later.

This was another model I have yet to name. What sets this guy apart from the others is his extra use of Killing Strike. This makes him a vicious foe in battle.

Beast has been given the upgrade of Dodge x1. This will help pick off the long ranged attackers.

The total warband will consist of three werewolves, the pack leader and one inmate. I have designed each werewolf so that their costs are similar. This allows me to interchange them as needed.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Awesomely eclectic pack of wolves!

    Love them!


    1. Thank you sir....your a gentleman and a scholar!

  2. Looking good. The next time we get together I'll have to kill them. Konrad Von Krumm will look very intimidating in a wolf-pelt riding cloak.