Thursday 22 November 2012

Delves: Ironridge Chronicles - Act II The Conclusion

The Transformation

If you missed the previous section of Act II you can check it out here.

As the heroes entered the underground temple a eerie sensation  rippled through out their bodies. They each could tell the area was desecrated with evil.

"Be wary my friends, evil lies within this place." Alyanna urged her companions. She then offered a prayer to the lord of the Moon to protect them.

While the adventurers surveyed the area Orin could hear voices off in the distance.

"Be still comrades...there is something up a head, stay here while I take a closer look." The ranger quickly stalked forward to gain a better vantage point.

Orin hid behind one of the temple's pillars and observed the commotion.

A red robed figure was seen atop an altar chanting from what appeared to be ancient tome, while a earth elemental lumbered around the forward area. The town hostages were contained in the western section of the temple being guarded by gargoyle.

"I believe I have the element of surprise." Orin thought to himself. Remembering the pass experiences with rituals and summonings he knew he had to act.

With lighting speed the ranger loosed an arrow hitting the cultist hard in the shoulder.  "Attack! I say ATTACK!" Orin commanded the others.

"Arggghhhhh" The cultist screamed in agony but continued his chanting.  

"Summa summa laymma tus" The cultist continued while pointing towards the captive townsfolk.

One of the female townsfolk shrieked and fell to the temple floor. Followed by a white glowish light that appeared to exit the woman's body and be absorbed in the tome.

With a speed like none other the gargoyle rushed to meet the charging adventures and slammed into Alyanna knocking her to the ground.

Alyanna quickly regained her composer and stood to face the stoned creature.

"I shall smash you back into the earth you were formed from."  The cleric challenged while trying to anticipate the next attack.

Grabthoat rushed forward to aid the cleric while Orin continued to rain arrows on the chanting cultist.

The red robed figure continued its chanting and again looked to the captives. Another hostage fell as its life essence was absorbed into the tome.

The earth elemental lumbered toward the adventurers to engage.

While this was happening Karajan and Chomper took the left flank. "Chomper to him. Take him down" The druid ordered his animal companion.

The fight continued as Alyanna and Grabthroat battled the gargoyle and Orin evaded the Earth Elemental.

Then the tome started to glow with a red essence that surrounded the cultist.

"We need to take him down now!" Orin screamed with command

"Chomper Eviscerate!" Karajan shouted across the temple.

The lizard charged head strong into the red robed figure leaping for its vital area. The cultist did all it could to avoid the assault but to no avail. Chomper sunk its teeth deep into the neck of cultist tearing bone and flesh.

The humanoid figure dropped to the ground and blood and fluid poured from the gaping wound. All grew quiet for the moment.

Then suddenly  the pages of the tome flicked furiously over one another and exploded into flames. The gargoyle harden in mid movement while the earth elemental crumbled. The ceiling cracked and shook as daylight made it way through. The uneasy feeling of evil suddenly diminished and disappeared.

"The others, we must see to them." Alyanna said to her companions while she headed to the captives.

Karajan moved forward and explored the altar finding a hidden lever. "Ahh what do we have here." The druid thought to himself while releasing the lever

With a small rumble a doorway appeared in the wall behind the altar.

The heroes gathered the surviving captives and decided it was better to head into the hallway rather then back the way they came.

The adventurers continued through the dark hallway until it was met with a mine shaft from there they found their way back to the forest and back to Ironridge.



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