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Delves: Ironridge Chronicles: Act II Part Three

The Acrid Hollow

If you missed part two you can check it out here.

The heroes traveled down another underground passageway and followed the tracks detected by Orin. As they continued, a greenish glow was seen at what appeared to be an entrance to another area. When the adventurers arrived they found themselves in a high ceiling chamber filled with bubbling acid. The room was lit with a bio-luminescence from the acid and filled with an acrid fog. This gave the chamber a greenish hazy glow.

"What is this place??" Alyanna questioned to the others.  

"I do not know....but it would be wise....to stay away from the edge." Orin replied as he surved his surroundings.

"I be needin a bath, but not one of this sorts. It be best we stayed out of that murk." Grabthroat added.

"It appears the way onward is beyond the center island. We'll have to vigilant when crossing." Karajan cautioned.

While Orin was examining the area, a glimmer caught his eye from the far corner of the cavern. "Hmm there looks to be something..... over there. It might be...... worth our effort...... to check it out." The ranger explained as he pointed to the area.

"Very well, I shall accompany you. No need for us all to walk these treacherous paths." Alyanna responded.

Orin advanced forward carefully leaping from one island to the next. Once the ranger reached the central island he was able to spot a yellow blobbish creature advancing toward his companions.

"We've got company!" The ranger shouted as he notched an arrow.

"Chomper, at the ready." Karajan warned his lizard friend.

The brave heroes shot into action. Orin loosed an arrow at the creature hitting its target but not appearing to cause any affect. Chomper waited at the edge for the thing to get closer. The oozing amoeba slid closer to the adventures, rising up out of the acid attacking the cleric. Alyanna defended with her shield.

Alyanna rose her shield and defended the creature. "This thing is disgusting!" Alyanna cringed.

Grabthroat rushed to the cleric's side bringing down his dwarven axe furiously on the ooze. The strike seemed to pass through the creature not affecting it.

"What the...that swing would've took a horses head clean off laddy!" Grabthroat said with surprise.

Remembering something a traveler once told him, Karajan hurled his flaming torch at the yellow blob.

"Use fire my friends." He exclaimed.

The torch hit the oozing puss and the flames spread like wildfire. The blob sizzled and popped like fire to oil. After a few moments all that was left was a transparent slimey substance where the creature once was.

"We'll that works. You are wise beyond your year my friend." The cleric thanked while wiping the substance from her shield.

After the battle Orin and Alyanna continued forward to investigate the glimmering objects in the north west area of the chamber.

As the others headed to the central island two more Golden Amoebas were spotted.

"Get those torches ready, we got fires to start" The dwarf shouted in excitement.

Karajan quickly jumped the gap between the two islands and joined his companions for the ensuing scuffle.

Worried her friends would be overwhelmed Alyanna headed back to the center island. 

The blobbing oozes slubbered onto the island and engaged the brave heroes. The first amoeba slammed itself down on Karajan engulfing him inside its gooey innereds. 

Enraged by the action of the bulbous creature, Chomper scratched and clawed at the ooze which appeared to have no affect. Alyanna brought forth her torch touching it down on the slimey villain, only to have the fire extinguished in the action.  

"What...what happened" The cleric clamored with surprise.

The other amoeba charged Grabthroat, but the dwarf was able to evade its attack.

In a counter act, Grabthroat impaled the ooze with his torch driving deep inside the gooey being. The flames quickly spread and consumed the creature. 

"Ahh ha, me fire is hotter then yurs woman!" The dwarf snickered at Alyanna.
Karajan continued to struggle to escape the clutches of his gunky prison. Air was a commodity he did have. "&%##@  ##@!&**." The Druid expressed.

Seeing that the odds were in his companions favor Orin continued towards the treasure. The gap separating him and the glimmering objects was much larger then the others.

"I'll need a run off... for this one" Orin thought to himself. 

The ranger dashed to edge and jumped the gap with ease and proceeded to secure the precious stones for the party.

Chomper and Alyanna frantically tired to aid their entrenched companion, but to no avail. The yellow amoeba continued its stranglehold on the helpless druid.

"Outta me way, i'll deal wit this!" Grabthroat gruffed as he raced toward the blobbish fiend. The dwarf continued with a thrust of the fiery torch into the ooze.

"No....Karajan is in there!" The cleric stated in concern.

But was to late. The flames from the torch caught quickly to the amoeba consuming the creature. Karajan fell to ground and began to cough and gasp for air. Luckily the forces of nature were able to shield the druid from the flaming furnace.

"I've got da poooowweeeerrr!" The dwarven warrior screamed while raising his torch high in the air.

After a few moments Karajan was able to gather himself and recouped from the ordeal. "I don't think I want to be receiving one of those again." The Druid joked.

"A swirly is never a good option" Alyanna quiped.

Not wanting to stick around, the druid, with Chomper at his side started to look for the exit to this foul, putrid place.

After Karajan trekked further north east he seen the pathway out of the chamber. "Over here, I see the way out!" Karajan shouted to the others.

The Adventures gathered together on the northeast island the discovered the gap was much larger then expected and pondered how to handle the situation.

"I have some rope we could use. We will need someone to jump to the other side and secure it." The cleric suggested.

"I'm pretty sure....I can make it....let me try." Orin replied. The ranger grabbed the end of the rope and rushed to the edge leaping the gap landing hard on the other side.

"Oghhh, I'm going to....feel that later.." Orin winched as he grabbed his side.

After tying the rope to a rocky outcropping, Alyanna and chomper continued to cross the gap and Grabthroat followed.

As the Druid attempted the chasm, the rope broke. Karajan had no choice and swung to the other side grabbing the ledge.

"Aggghhhhhh, it burns!" The druid shrieked as his legs dangled in the acid bath.

Orin and Alyanna dashed to the Druid's side and quickly pulled their comrade from the acidic sea.

"Thank you my friends. That is two I owe you now." Karajan spoke as he shook the remaining acid from his belongings.

"Let us be gone...of this place" Orin stated as he headed towards the passage out of the chamber.

Grabthroat, Karajan and chomper followed as Alyanna gathered what remained of her rope.

"This may come in handy later." Alyanna thought to herself.

Stay tuned for the conclusion: Part 4 - The Transformation.

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